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Bài gửiTiêu đề: VOCABULARY    Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:29 pm


Number 1

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence.

1. The plane circled over the airport until the ______ was clear.
A. highway B. landing C. terminal D. runway
2. All flight in and out of the airport came to a ______ because of the strike.
A. closure B. conclusion C. standstill D. stoppage
3. If you carry too much luggage, the airline will charge an ______ baggage fee.
A. excess B. additional C. extra D. over
4. Brithish Airways ______ the departure of Flight 222 to Warsaw.
A. advertise B. announce C. advise D. notice
5. When you get to the airport, you luggage will have to be ______.
A. balanced B. estimated C. sealed D. weighed
6. Because of the fog, our flight was ______ from Heathrow to York Airport.
A. diverted B. deflected C. replaced D. reverted
7. The check-______ time at the airport was eight o'clock.
A. by B. up C. out D. in
8. The ______ from the airport was very tiring as he had to drive through the fog.
A. crossing B. ride C. flight D. voyage
9. It's very strange but I had a(n) ______ that the plane would crash.
A. intuition B. omen C. premonition D. prediction
10. It takes a while to ______ to your surroundings after a long flight.
A. settle B. balance C. fit D. adjust
11. Much stricter ______ must now be taken at all airports against hijacking.
A. precautions B. alarms C. protections D. warnings
12. The airhostess told the passengers to ______ their seat belts.
A. attach B. fasten C. fix D. tie
13. To fly big passenger airliners ______ long training and experience.
A. requisitions B. orders C. picks up D. calls for
14. The plane was ______ towards the runway when the fire started.
A. sailing B. landing C. heading D. soaring
15. The ______ from London to New York takes nine hours.
A. flying B. voyage C. passage D. journey
16. If you want a cheap air ticket you must ______ well in advance.
A. book B. buy C. engage D. reserve
17. I'm afraid your luggage is ten kilos ______; you will have to pay extra.
A. above B. excess C. overweight D. heavy
18. Nobosy ______ that aeroplane crash.
A. survived B. lived C. recovered D. died
19. Our ______ was delayed owing to bad weather conditions.
A. airline B. airway C. flight D. runway
20. When our flight was delayed, we all had a meal at the airline's ______.
A. account B. cost C. finance D. expense

Number 2

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. Please, ______ from smoking until the plane is airborne.
A. exclude B. refrain C. restrain D. resist
2. We ______ to announce a further delay in the departure of flight BA-555.
A. apologise B. mourn C. regret D. repent
3. Tickets booked on this flight are not ______.
A. assignable B. transferable C. passable D. moveable
4. A passenger is not allowed to ______ a lethal weapon when flying by a civilian airliner.
A. carry B. be owning C. be having D. control
5. He couldn't ______ his fear of flying.
A. succeed B. overcome C. triumph D. win
6. The stewardess _______ the screaming child.
A. soothed B. cured C. recovered D. corrected
7. It was a great ______ to go up in a helicopter for the first time.
A. incident B. rise C. thrill D. suspense
8. Nothing could ______ me to fly except in a case of extreme emergency.
A. encourage B. recommend C. influence D. induce
9. The plane crashed into a bridge because it was flying too ______.
A. low B. shallow C. deep D. narrow
10. Luggage may be placed here ______ the owner's risk.
A. by B. at C. under D. with
11. Janet's plane to New York was an hour late ______.
A. rising up B. moving away C. taking off D. pulling out
12. The ______ were told to fasten their seat belts as the plane began its descent.
A. customers B. passengers C. flyers D. riders
13. The thick fog ______ out any possibility of our plane taking off before morning.
A. ruled B. struck C. stamped D. crossed
14. Gerald lost his boarding ______ at the airport and they had to issue him a new one.
A. slip B. receipt C. pass D. paper
15. The plane ______ down 20 minutes later than scheduled because of bad weather conditions.
A. put B. flew C. landed D. touched
16. Because of heavy winds, our plane had to make an emergency ______ on a busy motorway.
A. runway B. landing C. stop D. land
17. Owing to the fog, his flight from Karachi was ______.
A. belated B. unpunctual C. unscheduled D. overdue
18. There is bad weather at the airport, and all ______ have been delayed.
A. journeys B. flights C. times D. flies
19. He saw the plane crash into the sea when its engines ______.
A. failed B. stood C. struck D. held
20. The plane's engines cut out, but it ______ in to land safely.
A. floated B. fluttered C. swept D. glided
Number 3

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you do is go to ______.
A. reception B. the arrival desk
C. the check-in desk D. the depsrture lounge
2. ______ been diverted, they would have arrived early.
A. Had the plane not B. Hadn't the plane
C. The plane had not D. The plane not had
3. Which of these would you see on a plane?
A. Please give up this seat for the elderly.
B. Your lifejacket is under your seat.
C. Do not alight whilst the vehicle is in motion.
D. Stopping.
4. It is a very long ______ from Tokyo to London.
A. flight B. tour C. track D. travel
5. Pan-Atlantic Airlines ______ serves full meals on its shorter flights.
A. not longer B. not anymore C. no longer D. no long
6. The airline does not assume ______ for normal wear and tear to luggage.
A. responsiveness B. liability C. warranty D. reliability
7. You must ______ that your safety belt is fastened.
A. guarantee B. secure C. examine D. check
8. I wish the seats on aeroplane were more ______ - I'm getting backache.
A. comfortable B. restful C. convenient D. relaxing
9. The delay to the flight was brought ______ by bad weather.
A. down B. in C. about D. up
10. Could you tell me what time the plane to Nicosia ______, please?
A. goes up B. goes off C. takes up D. takes off
11. Our _______ to New York was delayed for over six hours due to ice on the runway.
A. flight B. ride C. cruise D. drive
12. I would like to inform all passengers and cabin crew that the plane is ready for ______.
A. take-apart B. take-off C. take-down D. take-after
13. Without delay, she booked a(n) ______ flight to Manila so as to be in time for the meeting.
A. instant B. even C. straight D. direct
14. Poor ______ led to the pilot's decision to request a landing at an alternative airport.
A. visibility B. clarity C. sight D. vision
15. Julia preferred to sleep rather than partake of the ______ entertainment.
A. flying B. in-flight C. flight D. in-flying
16. Their ______ from the airport to the hotel was speedily arranged.
A. move B. relocation C. transfer D. translocation
17. The cabin ______ were dressed in very bright orange suits.
A. crew B. attendants C. personnel D. workforce
18. It's cheaper to travel by air in ______.
A. second hand B. style C. savings account D. economy class
19. They announced the ______ of the flight this morning.
A. communication B. abolition C. cancellation D. resignation
20. It is ______ for passengers to smoke during the flight.
A. banned B. permitted C. allowe D. forbidden

Number 4

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. I missed my flight ______ of delays on the motorway.
A. by means B. owing C. as a result D. in case
2. When I remembered I had forgotten Julie's present, I was already in the departure _____.
A. room B. lounge C. salon D. lobby
3. I was so late when I arrived at the airport that I ______ the plane almost immediately.
A. boarded B. reached C. entered D. got
4. We must be at the airport by 5 o'clock at the ______.
A. longest B. last C. least D. latest
5. I'm glad I ______ my plane! I've just heard that it's been hijacked.
A. refused B. missed C. lost D. altered
6. The aircraft experienced severe ______ during the final approach, but the pilot kept his cool and landed it safely.
A. instability B. wavering C. unsteadiness D. turbulence
7. My first time in an aeroplane was a real ______ for me.
A. thrill B. satisfaction C. excitement D. happiness
8. The airport is ______ on the edge of the city, next to the motorway.
A. built B. placed C. situated D. existing
9. Concorde is the only commercial plane to have broken the sound ______.
A. barrier B. frontier C. boundary D. limit
10. The inaccurate informatiom ______ us into thinking that it was a half-price flight to Chicago.
A. misconducted B. misled C. misfired D. misinformed
11. We have to check in at the airport two hours before the scheduled ______ of our flight, or they may not let us broad the plane.
A. landing B. attendance C. travel D. departure
12. The air-hostess told the passengers to fasten their seatbelts and ______ the strap to fit.
A. adopt B. adapt C. adjust D. acquire
13. ______ your seatbelt before take-off.
A. Tie B. Fasten C. Fix D. Hold
14. Passengers are asked to ______ their cigarettes and to refrain from smoking until they reach the terminal building.
A. extinguish B. smother C. put D. douse
15. The engines of the plane let out a huge ______.
A. crash B. bang C. roar D. thud
16. Passengers are asked to refrain ______ smoking until they are well inside the terminal building.
A. to B. for C. from D. at
17. My sister doesn't like travewlling by plane. She says she likes to keep both feet on solid ______.
A. concrete B. ground C. earth D. road
18. I misread the time on the ticket and we ______ the plane.
A. caught B. got on C. lost D. missed
19. We were ______ that the flight would be delayed for two hours.
A. informed B. ordered C. invited D. instructed
20. How long does it usually take to ______ for a domestic flight?
A. check out B. check in C. check over D. check on

Number 5

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. The old sailing boat was ______ without trace during the fierce storm.
A. crashed B. disappeared C. lost D. vanished
2. I was ______ by officials at the airport, as I was carrying fresh food. They made me trow it all away.
A. claimed B. confined C. restrained D. impeded
3. Passengers requiring a special meal during the flight should inform the airline in ______.
A. forward B. ahead C. front D. advance
4. If our flight is delayed, will we ______ our connetiong in Los Angeles?
A. drop B. miss C. lose D. lack
5. The ______ helped the passengers put on their lifejackets.
A. crew B. servants C. slaves D. workers
6. When I flew to Capetown, I was ______ to business-class-champagne all the way!
A. increased B. ungraded C. promoted D. risen
7. The air-sea search operation is continuing, although hopes of finding survivors are ____.
A. dimming B. dissolving C. fading D. reducing
8. The photograph showed a sailing ship with three tall ______.
A. masts B. sticks C. logs D. posts
9. The cargo ship ______ from the Port of London.
A. ran B. flowed C. travelled D. sailed
10. It was very rough sea, with ______ ten metres high
A. waves B. floods C. currents D. fountains
11. The aircraft, which originally headed ______ Heathrow, had to make an emergency landing at Orly.
A. into B. on C. for D. at
12. The fishing ______ usually returns at dusk.
A. force B. parade C. boats D.
13. Shortly after the boat docked, the passengers ______.
A. dismounted B. disembarked C. landed D.
14. The ______ of the Titanic was caused by an iceberg.
A. plauge B. descent C. sinking D. drowning
15. After the collision, two seamen were slightly in the ______ explosion.
A. ensuing B. following C. aftermath D. consequential
16. I ______ this ship "Titanic" . May all who sail in her.
A. name B. entitle C. thriten D. register
17. The sea was so rough ______ took nearly six .
A. cruise B. C. passage D.
18. The small boat drifted helplessly ______ the mercy of the wind and waves.
A. in B. with C. at D. to
19. We decided to ______ the coastguard when we realized that the yacht was several hours late in arriving.
A. arouse B. alarm C. caution D. alert
20. A bed on board a ship is called a ______.
A. bunk B. sleeper C. cabin D. dormitory
Number 6

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. The paasenger cabins which were on the upper ______ were renovated last year.
A. floor B. ground C. level D. deck
2. A note in the Captain's log stated that it was the roughest ______ he had ever experienced.
A. passage B. crossing C. crossroad D. passing
3. Enormous swells roused by ferocious winds made it impossible to ______ the ship to safety.
A. direct B. control C. steer D. drive
4. The stricken vessel ran ______ on a large reef.
A. aside B. aground C. ashore D. around
5. Of those on ______, few survived to relate the tragedy of the Pacific Queen.
A. hand B. side C. board D. aboard
6. What time are they going to ______ the new boat?
A. launch B. start C. set D. are
7. Travelling by sea makes me suffer from ______.
A. vertigo B. vomit C. disgust D. usea
8. The ship will ______ sailfrom Dover on Friday at 6 o'clock in the morning.
A. put B. set C. place D. lay
9. He stood on the ______ of the ship and watched the seagulls dive for fish.
A. floor B. ground C. platform D. deck
10. The sea between Dover and Calais was so ______ that most of the passengers were seasick.
A. heavy B. bumpy C. choppy D. gusty
11. I would love to go on a long sea ______.
A. voyage B. journey C. route D. travel
12. There was a ______ on board the Bounty and the crew put the captain in a lifeboat and set it adrift.
A. rebellion B. insurrection C. mutiny D. revolution
13. We have been unable to make ______ with the ship by radio for the last two days.
A. contact B. connection C. link D. communication
14. We made ______ the nearest port when we heard the storm warning.
A. out B. of C. for D. up
15. The river is so ______ here that you cannot use even a little boat.
A. flat B. shallow C. narrow D. straight
16. In spite of the storm, the Captain ______ the ship safely into port.
A. directed B. drove C. managed D. steered
17. Hold on ______ to your lifebelt, otherwise you'll sink.
A. steady B. firm C. strong D. tight
18. There was a terrible storm at sea last night and one of the boats ______.
A. dived B. drowned C. floated D. sank
19. The route into the harbour was marked by a line of ______.
A. compasses B. buoys C. lightships D. signposts
20. There were a number of fishing boats ______ in the harbour.
A. moored B. fixed C. attached D. roped
Number 7

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. The crew ______ the sinking ship as fast as they could.
A. quit B. escaped C. abandoned D. surrendered
2. The wrecked liner is still lying on the sea ______.
A. bed B. floor C. ground D. bottom
3. How many people were on ______ the ship?
A. top B. aboard C. deck D. board
4. After its engine failed, the small boat ______ with the current.
A. waved B. drifted C. hastened D. tossed
5. I'm always seasick when the sea is ______.
A. calm B. wild C. unsteady D. rough
6. The passengers amused themselves playing games on the upper ______ of the ship.
A. dock B. deck C. floor D. platform
7. The "Anna Maria" ______ from New York Harbour at 11:00 tomorrow.
A. sails B. leaves C. embarks D. steams
8. We saw ships from all over the world in the ______.
A. beach B. shelter C. pier D. harbour
9. You must keep ______ in the boat otherwise it will overturn.
A. stiff B. balanced C. still D. straight
10. The ship's captain and members of the ______ welcomed us on board.
A. cast B. team C. staff D. crew
11. The sea was so ______ that some of the passengers in the pleasure boat felt seasick.
A. choppy B. runny C. breezy D. wavy
12. The boat turned over and sank to the ______.
A. base B. basis C. bottom D. ground
13. In spite of the terrible storm, the ship was ______.
A. unbroken B. uninjured C. unhurt D. undamaged
14. During the twenty-day cruise, ten will be spent ______ sea, and ten in port.
A. in B. by C. at D. over
15. During the voyage, the ship's crew organized many different ______ games.
A. level B. ground C. floor D. deck
16. During the voyage the passengers sat on the ______ enjoying the sunshine.
A. deck B. platform C. outside D. terrace
17. There were no lifeboats on the ship because it was ______ to be unsinkable.
A. told B. argued C. claimed D. believed
18. The ship ran ______ on the beach near the harbour.
A. aback B. aground C. afloat D. adrift
19. That boat has an ______ motor at the back.
A. outside B. outgoing C. outboard D. outward
20. The captain realized that unless immediate action was taken to discipline the crew, there could be a ______ on the ship.
A. rebellion B. mutiny C. riot D. strike

Number 8

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence..

1. The cargo in the hold of the ship ______ many times in the storm.
A. changed B. floated C. switched D. shifted
2. The sea was so rough that the little boat ______.
A. capsized B. bent C. inverted D. reversed
3. The boat just ______ out to sea.
A. slid B. drifted C. strayed D. wandered
4. After the storm the ______ of a small ship was thrown up on the shore.
A. wrecage B. ruin C. wastage D. breakage
5. The ship was not allowed to unload its ______.
A. burden B. freight C. cargo D. load
6. When the ship docked at Hamburg, they found a ______ in the hold.
A. stowaway B. interloper C. gate-crasher D. trespasser
7. I ______ with the captain to abandon the ship before it was too late.
A. appealed B. pleaded C. claimed D. begged
8. We're going to ______ a cruise on the river next weekend.
A. go B. sail C. take D. travel
9. Due to the bad weather conditions, the lifeboat crew were asked to ______ in case of emergency.
A. stand away B. stand in C. stand up D. stand by
10. He had a ______ escape when his boat was capsized by a sudden gust of wind.
A. narrow B. close C. near D. sudden

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