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Bài gửiTiêu đề: SENTENCE TRANSFORM 3   Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:35 pm

Number 23
Choose the sentence of the same meaning.

1. I thought she was the right person for the position, yet it turned out that she was quite useless.
A. Contrary to my initial impression, she was not totally unsuitable for the position.
B. I was right in thinking that she was totally useless for the job.
C. I was mistaken about her suitability for the position, since she proved rather incompetent.
D. Because I was expecting her to be competent, I was shocked to see her perform rather badly.
2. At this time tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be relaxing at home rather than working this hard.
A. Resting at home is something I hope to be doing at this time tomorrow, but I'll probably be working quite hard instead.
B. Tomorrow, rather than relaxing at home as I'd hoped to do, I'll be working quite hard.
C. I'm planning to relax at home tomorrow, instead of working so hard.
D. I hope that, instead of working so hard at this time tomorrow, I'll be at home resting.
3. Public education is so good in European countries that there is almost no demand for private schools.
A. Even the excellence of public education in Europe does not stop people from sending their children to private schools.
B. People still send their children to private schools in Europe although the public education system is excellent.
C. Hardly anyone sends their children to private schools in Europe because state schools are excellent.
D. In Europe, there is no reason for parents to send their children to private schools because state schools sre so good.
4. The number of people participating in the conference was far below my expectation.
A. I had expected that many more people would actually attend the conference.
B. I think attendance at the conference was low because it was held too far away from the city centre.
C. I knew that holding such a conference required the participation of more people.
D. The number of participants at the conference far exceeded my expectations.
5. Seeing how happy she looked, I was certain that Jack had proposed to her.
A. I knew just by looking at her that she was in love with Jack.
B. The happy look on her face convinced me that she'd received a marriage proposal from Jack.
C. Judging by the happy look on her face, I guess that she accepted Jack's marriage proposal.
D. When I talked to her, I learnt that she was so happy because Jack had proposed to her.
6. By the end of our tour, we had been to every major city in Eastern Europe, except Tallinn, in Estonia.
A. Towards the end of our trip, having visited all the main cities in Eastern Europe, we also wanted to see Tallinn, in Estonia.
B. Our tour included almost all major cities in Eastern Europe, besides Tallinn, In Estonia.
C. During our trip, we visited all the main cities of Estonia, in Eastern Europe, apart from Tallinn.
D. With the exception of Tallinn, in Estonia, we visited all the important cities in Eastern Europe during our.
7. She has been living on her own for about ten years, but she had never been financially secure until she got that bank job last year.
A. She's been having financial troubles during the last ten years, even though she's been living on her own and working in a bank the whole time.
B. A year ago she found a job in a bank and became financially secure for the first time since she began living by herself about a decade ago.
C. For ten years she had been living there all alone, and was never financially secure even with the bank job she found last year.
D. She hasn't been living with anyone for nearly ten years, but owing to her bank job, she's never had any financial worries.
8. The capital city of Latvia, Riga has maintained the atmosphere of a medieval German city.
A. Latvia's capital, Riga, is a medieval German city with a nice atmosphere.
B. Latvia's capital city, Riga was established in medieval times, and it looks like a German city.
C. Riga, Latvia's capital city, was established by the germans in medieval times.
D. Riga, Latvia's capital city, still reflects the characteristics of a medieval German city.
9. When we arrived at the party after our car broke down on the way there, there weren't many people left.
A. Our car broke down on the way to the party and by the time we got there, most of the guests had already left.
B. Because we had car trouble on the way to the party, many people grew tired of waiting and left before we arrived there.
C. Not many people had left the party yet when we got there, although we were late because of a car problem on the way.
D. When we arrived at the party after we had had car trouble on the way there, hardly anyone had left yet.
10. Sha ahd to buy a new battery for her mobile phone because the charge was unable to last for more than two hours.
A. She had to charge a new battery for her mobile phone because the old one lasted for a little over two hours.
B. Her mobile phone couldn't hold a charge for more than two hours, so she had to buy a new battery.
C. Because she charged her new mobile phone battery for only two hours, the charge did not last very long.
D. The new battery she bought for her mobile phone would not hols a charge for longer than two hours.

Number 24
Choose the sentence of the same meaning.

1. Ever since she saw a documentary about Cappadocia, she has dreamed of visiting its famous rock churches.
A. Her dream has always been to see Cappadocia's famous rock churches and make a documentary about them.
B. Whenever she watches a documentary about Cappadocia, she dreams of visiting the famous rock churches there.
C. She watched a documentary on Cappadocia, and from then on, her wish has been to see its famous rock churches.
D. Long ago she saw a documentary on Cappadocia, and when recently she went to visit its famous rock churches, she realized her long-held dream.
2. The dry weather during the winter meant that there was not enough water for us during the summer.
A. We were short of water in the summer because of the lack of rain in the winter.
B. We spent the summer suffering from a shortage of water, though we had had plenty of rain during the winter.
C. The reason why we're suffering from a water shortage this summer is the dry spell last winter.
D. We haven't had much rain so far, and this means that we will be short of water this summer.
3. Even after the devastating earthquake, when buying a house people are still more interested in its appearance than in its structure.
A. Since the destructive earthquake, people have become even more concerned about the structure of a house than how it looks.
B. Despite the devastating earthquake, some people still care about the appearance of a house, but not about its structure.
C. Even people who lived through the destructive earthquake seem to care more for how a house looks, than for how strong it is.
D. Even the destructive earthquake has not stopped people, when buying a house, from paying more attention to how it looks than how strong it is.
4. The police officer shot the criminal because he refused to put down his weapon and surrender.
A. The police officer was about to shoot at the criminal, but just then, he put down his gun and surrendered.
B. The criminal didn't listen to the warning to drop his gun and surrender, so the police officer shot him.
C. The police officer didn't realize that the criminal had dropped his weapon and was surrendering, so he shot him.
D. The police officer saw the criminal put down his weapon and surrender, but he shot him anyway.
5. She will have the baby in January, but the baby won't have its own room until they move into their new house in March.
A. They are going to move into a new house in January so that the baby can have its own room when it is born in March.
B. When the baby is born in March, it will have its own room because they are moving into a bigger house in January.
C. When they move into a new house in March, two months after the baby is born, there will be a separate room for the baby.
D. Because they will have moved into a bigger house by March, the baby will have its own room as soon as it is born.
6. As soon as she walked in through the front door, Susan got the feeling that she was not alone in the house.
A. Since she wasn't alone in the house, Susan had a feeling that she shouldn't have gone in through the front door.
B. Susan felt that there was someone else in the house the moment she came in by the front door.
C. Although there was no one in the house when Susan walked in the front door, she realized that someone had been there.
D. Even though there was no one else in the house, Susanwas afraid to walk in through the front door.
7. I really doubt that you'll be able to get the support of all the members.
A. I'm sure you'll only get the support of a few members.
B. It seems to me that none of the members will support you.
C. I have no doubt that you'll be able to get the support of all the members.
D. I'm almost certain there will be members who won't give you their support.
8. While she was writing a novel set in ancient Rome, she visited Italy in order to do some research.
A. She went to Italy for research since she was writing a novel that takes place in ancient Rome.
B. While she was visiting Italy, she decided to write a novel set in ancient Rome.
C. She wanted to do some research about the book she was writing on ancient Italy, so she went to Rome.
D. She read a novel about ancient Rome while she was doing research in Italy.
9. They were being very secretive about what had happened at yesterday's meeting.
A. They told everyone that whatever had happened at the previous meeting was going to be kept secret.
B. Whatever happened at yesterday's meeting, it's obvious that they won't let it be known by others.
C. They wouldn't give out anything about the things that occurred at the meeting the previous day.
D. The contents of the meeting held the previous day were confidential, so they refused to talk about them.
10. I didn't interrupt you in the middle of an important discussion by asking your opinion about my new hairstyle, did I?
A. I hope you weren't talking about anything important when I asked you how I looked with my new hairstyle.
B. I wish I had realized that you were discussing something important; then I wouldn't have interrupted you by asking your opinion about my new hairstyle.
C. Why didn't you tell me that you were talking about something important when I came to and asked about my new hairstyle?
D. If you didn't want your discussion to be interrupted, why didn't you tell me so when I came to ask you about my new hairstyle?

Number 25
Choose the sentence of the same meaning.

1. According to what I've heard from the weather report, the outlook for the whole week is sunshine.
A. It is predicted by the weather forecaster that it will get sunnier towards the end of the week.
B. The outlook for the week is that this sunny weather will continue all through the week.
C. According to the weather report, it will become sunny some time during the week.
D. I've listened to the weather forecast, and it says it will be sunny throughout the week.
2. It's unfair that such a well-qualified person as you are could not find a better-paid job.
A. Sometimes people with good qualifications get low-paid jobs, which isn't fair.
B. A person as well-qualified as you are does not deserve to have such a low-paid job.
C. I don't approve of paying well-qualified people a low salary.
D. Considering the qualifications required for this job, what you earn is not justified.
3. Jim told me that last year, the company celebrated their tenth anniversary with an elaborate dinner party that was held in an oldcastle.
A. Last year, according to Jim, there was an elaborate banquet which took place in an old castle in honour of the company's tenth anniversary.
B. According to Jim, the ancient castle provides a wonderful place to arrange any special occasion, such as the party his company held there on their tenth anniversary.
C. Jim says that since last year, his company has been preparing for an elaborate banquet in an old castle to celebrate their tenth anniversay.
D. The company where Jim works held an elaborate party in an old castle last year to celebrate their tenth anniversary.
4. If only she had saved more money, she would be able to visit Thailand again next summer.
A. She really needs to save more money if she wants to come to Thailand next summer.
B. Why doesn't she save more money if she wants to come to Thailand?
C. She has not saved enough money to be able to go back to Thailand next summer.
D. If we were her, I would save more money and come to Thailand again.
5. With your qualifications, it would be surprising if you didn't find a job.
A. If you want to find a job, you should become better qualified.
B. I wonder why you haven't found a job, because you have such good qualifications.
C. The better your qualifications, the more likely you are to find a job.
D. You are so well qualified that you are almost certain to find a job.
6. They asked Mary if she was going to make a contribution to the Iraqi refugee fund, but she looked indifferent and walked away.
A. Mary is rather indifferent to the suffering of Iraqi refugees, so they shouldn't have asked her to donate some money to the fund.
B. Even though Mary doesn't take an interest in the plight of Iraqi refugees, they asked her to give some money to the fund anyway.
C. When she was asked to make a donation for the Iraqi refugee fund, Mary said she was going to help them in a different way.
D. Although they asked Mary to make a donation to the Iraqi refugee fund, she walked off, appearing not to care about it.
7. Mark must have managed to book our hotel rooms, as we haven't heard anything to the contrary from him.
A. Mark hasn't phoned yet to confirm that he has booked our hotel rooms, so he might not have managed to do so after all.
B. I imagine Mark has been able to make our hotel reservations, or he'd let us know if it had turned out otherwise.
C. We haven't heard anything from Mark so far about whether he has managed to make our hotel reservations or not.
D. I wonder if Mark has been able to book our hotel rooms, since he hasn't informed ua about the result.
8. It is no exaggeration to say that there was not a single person in the audience who was not moved by the sentimental play.
A. To say that the whole audience was touched by the emotional play is just reflecting the truth.
B. The play was so sentimental that there was hardly anyone in the audience who remained unaffected.
C. Without exaggeration, the play deeply affected practically the whole audience.
D. Everyone in the audience admitted that they had never seen such a moving play as this.
9. Cigarettes cost more in Britain than they do in Vietnam.
A. It is less costly to buy cigarettes in Britain than it is in Vietnam.
B. British cigarettes do not cost as much as Vietnam cigarettes.
C. In Vietnam, cigarettes are not as expensive as they are in Britain.
D. Cigarettes are the most expensive in Britain, but they are cheap in Vietnam.
10. Simon was very nervous because it was his first time on a TV talk show.
A. Simon was too nervous to perform well on the TV talk show.
B. Simon always feels nervous when he appears on TV talk shows.
C. Simon shouldn't go on a TV talk show if he feels so nervous.
D. Simon has never been on a TV talk show before, so he was nervous.

Number 26
Choose the sentence of the same meaning.

1. I couldn't decide if I should go out with a jacket or not as the weather forecast had predicted that a very warm afternoon would follow the cold morning.
A. I decvided not to bring my jacket with me because, although the morning was going to be cold, the weather report had said it would be fairly hot in the afternoon.
B. When the weather report said it was going to be cold in the morning but would become quite hot in the afternoon, I wasn't sure whether to bring my jacket with me or not.
C. It was cold in the morning, but as the report forecast a hotter afternoon, I couldn't decide whether to carry my jacket with me or not.
D. Although the weather forecast said that the cool morning was going to be followed by a warm afternoon, I thought it would be better to bring my jacket with me.
2. In Thailand, the further you go towards the border with Laos, the higher the risk of malaria.
A. The danger of getting malaria in Thailand increases the closer you get to its border with Laos.
B. The border with Laos has a higher risk to you of malaria than anywhere else in Thailand.
C. Although there is malaria all over Thailand, the risk of catching it gets higher in Laos.
D. There is a great risk to you of catching malaria around the far-ff Thai border with Laos.
3. I remember having bought a cassette of the Beatles for Jane's birthday.
A. I thought that I had bought Jane a cassette of The Beatles for her birthday.
B. For Jane's birthday, I remembered to buy a cassette of The Beatles.
C. I haven't forgotten to buy a cassette of The Beatles for Jane's birthday.
D. I bought a cassette of The Beatles for Jane's birthday, and I'm aware of it now.
4. It was not until after I had got home that I realized I had not set the burglar alarm in the office.
A. On the way home, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to turn on the burglar alarm in the office.
B. Fortunately, I realized that I hadn't set the burglar alarm just before I left for home; otherwise, I would have had to travel all the way back to the office.
C. I didn't turn the burglar alarm on before I left the office, but I only became aware of this after I'd arrived home.
D. I wish I had realized before I arrived home that I hadn't turned on the burglar alarm in the office; then it would have been easier to go and set it.
5. Why don't we go to Niceville in the spring, when it's not so cold?
A. It's too cold to go to Niceville now, so we should wait until late.
B. Why do you insist that we go to Niceville in winter, when it's so cold?
C. Spring is the best time of year to visit Niceville.
D. Spring, when it's warmer, would be a better time for us to go to Niceville.
6. My sister would love to be involved in the organization of the event, and so would I.
A. My sister is so much like me, since she too takes part in organizing events voluntarily.
B. My sister wa so keen to take part in the organization of the event, that I encouraged her.
C. Both my sister and I would be very happy to take part in organizing the event.
D. I would like my sister to volunteer to take part in organizing the event.
7. Duncan was afrais of being left on his own in the haunted house.
A. When Duncan was left alone in the haunted house, he was scared.
B. The possibility of being abandoned in the haunted house scared Duncan.
C. Duncan was too scared to be left by himself in the haunted house.
D. Duncan was scared of being alone in the haunted house, so he left it.
8. The townspeople were not aware that the factory upstream was dumping mercury into the river, so they had no idea why so many of their children were dying.
A. For a long time, the townspeople couldn't see the link between the high mortality rate among their children and the dumping of mercury from the factory further up the river.
B. The people in the town couldn't understand the reasons for their children's deaths, because the factory discharging mercury into the river was so much further up the river.
C. The reason why so many children in the town were dying was a mystery to the local residents as they didn't know that the factory up the river was discharging mercury into it.
D. Although many children were dying, and the town's residents didn't know the reason why, the factory that was polluting the river with mercury kept on doing so.
9. The owners of Britain's privatized railways are often accused of trading safety for profit.
A. Companies running British railways are frequently blamed for ignoring safety for the sake of making money.
B. Everyone knows that the ppeople in charge of British railways are more interested in their income than in safety.
C. Ever since British railways passed into private hands, they have become more profitable but more dangerous as well.
D. Privatization may have become profitable for the government, but it has definitely not increased rail safety in Britain.
10. He'll know if he's got the position or not sometime before 5 o'clock today.
A. If they decide to accept him for the position, they'll contact him around 5 o'clock today.
B. Although it seems certain that he will be accepted, the decision won't be made known to him until 5 o'clock.
C. If he has been accepted for the position, he will receive the confirmation at around 5 p.m. today.
D. By 5 p.m. today he'll be informed about whether he's been accepted for the position.
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