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Bài gửiTiêu đề: PHRASL VERBS AND IDIOMS   Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:35 pm


Number 1

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. At last he understood. He undestood ______.
A. in the end B. at least C. lastly D. at the finish
2. The boys put out the camp fire. The fire wasn't ______.
A. switched on B. on fire C. on D. alight
3. They had run away, so they had ______.
A. dismissed B. disturbed C. displaced D. disappeared
4. The police wanted Tom to call at the station. They wanted him to call ______ them.
A. at B. in C. on D. up
5. No one could account for it. They couldn't ______ it.
A. explain B. estimate C. interpret D. describe
6. Where did they ______?
A. it put up B. their tent put up
C. put up it D. put their tent up
7. The writer got on the bus but he didn't know where to ______.
A. get down B. get off C. get out of D. get over
8. I paid him a visit. I ______.
A. visited him B. made him a visit
C. did him a visit D. paid for a visit
9. Firemen have put out the fire. They have ______.
A. controlled it B. checked it C. extinguished it D. turned it off
10.They discovered the cause of the fire accidently. They discovered it ______.
A. by chance B. chancily C. fortunately D. luckily
11. Two men took the parcel off the plane. They ______.
A. took off it B. it took off C. took off D. took it off
12. Peter must pay the money back. He must ______.
A. pay it again B. pay it C. repay it D. pay it once more
13. He will take part in a race. He will ______ in it.
A. be B. take place C. act D. do
14. At present they are visiting all parts of the country. They are doing this ______.
A. now B. for a short time C. in future D. all the time
15. On the way, a young man waved to me; this happened ______.
A. before the writer's journey B. during the writer's journey
C. after the writer's journey D. a long time ago
16. I looked for my bag. I ______ it.
A. tried to look after B. tried to look at
C. tried to find D. tried to see
17. He gave it back to me. He ______ to me.
A. turned it B. returned it C. turned it back D. turned it round
18. "What a pity!" Susan exclaimed. Susan was ______.
A. pleased B. glad C. sorry D. amused
19. Can I return these tickets? I want to ______.
A. give them back B. give them in
C. give them up D. give them up
20. You must give up fishing. You must ______ fishing.
A. stop B. begin C. surender D. end

Number 2

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. They had made a mistake. They had been ______.
A. mistake B. correct C. right D. wrong
2. He is the manager of the factory. He's ______ it.
A. charged it B. in charge C. charge D. in charge of
3. The operation lasted for over four hours. That's how long it ______.
A. went B. went on C. went over D. went off
4. He had a bad temper. He was in a bad ______.
A. spirit B. mood C. feeling D. disposition
5. They made no effort to hide their amusement. They ______.
A. didn't try to B. didn't afford to
C. couldn't afford to D. didn't have a trial
6. I produced a packet of sweets from my pocket. I took one ______.
A. off B. out C. out of D. from
7. She would take charge of me. She was ______.
A. dutiful B. commanding C. charging D. responsible
8. She told us to keep calm. She told us not to be ______.
A. nervous B. angry C. irritated D. annoyed
9. He knocked him down with a sharp blow. He ______.
A. beat him B. blew him over C. knocked him D. struck him
10. The policeman lost his temper. He ______.
A. got nervous B. was in a bad mood
C. lost his nerve D. was in bad humour
11. I decided to visit a fortune-teller. That's what I ______ to do.
A. made up B. made up my mind
C. minded D. cared
12. This is an experiment. The astronauts will be trying something ______.
A. on B. out C. in D. with
13. A plan was put forward by David. He _______ it.
A. suggested B. intended C. aimed at D. planned
14. The British feared invasion. They were ______ it.
A. in favour of B. afraid of C. happy about D. ready for
15. He set off down the main street. He ______.
A. ran B. walked C. rode D. started his journey
16. Jumbo was holding up the traffic. He had ______ cars.
A. picked up some B. sat on some
C. stopped the D. held on to the
17. The police let him off. They ______ him.
A. allowed B. permitted C. didn't arrest D. didn't finish
18. He may eventually get across the Channel. He may do this ______.
A. next B. after C. finally D. even
19. The clock was erected after 1834. That's when it was put ______.
A. in B. up C. off D. down
20. He set up a new world record. He ______ a new record.
A. did B. played C. created D. found

Number 3

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. I call you ______ as soon as I can.
A. back B. off C. away D. out
2. The promoters called the concert ______ because the singer had a sore throat.
A. away B. up C. off D. with
3. He called ______ his girlfriend to talk to her.
A. up B. at C. in D. off
4. She checked each item ______ as she did her inventory.
A. up B. off C. away D. with
5. Let's check our hotel room ______ before we pay for it.
A. out B. away C. up D. off
6. He lost the tennis match, so we will try to cheer him ______.
A. off B. away C. on D. up
7. Clean all the countertops ______ before you leave the kitchen.
A. out B. off C. away D. about
8. Did you clear ______ your desk drawers before you moved to your new office?
A. up B. off C. out D. at
9. She cleaned ______ all the food she spilled onto the floor.
A. up B. out C. of D. away
10. He will cross ______ each item as it is depleted.
A. away B. off C. up D. with
11. He asked her ______, but she didn't have time to visit him just then.
A. out B. about C. in D. on
12. The mechanic broke the engine ______ its many components.
A. up into B. into C. down into D. off into
13. He backed the truck ______ the edge of the cliff.
A. away from B. out from C. from away D. from off
14. He asked her ______, but she said she already had a boyfriend.
A. on B. out C. off D. in
15. The police backed the angry crowd ______ with their horses and bullhorns.
A. off B. away C. out D. up
16. The couple broke ______ their engagement after they had a huge argument.
A. up B. over C. off D. away
17. The owner broke ______ the team by trading its best players to other teams.
A. off B. up C. in D. out
18. The new major will bring ______ a change in local government policies.
A. with B. out C. up D. about
19. Many people wish that they could bring the good old days ______.
A. on B. back C. in D. up
20. Parents bring ______ their kids the best way they know how.
A. off B. up C. about D. with

Number 4

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. He easily sped the motorbike ______ when he shifted to a lower gear.
A. on B. off C. with D. up
2. She started the engine ______ to see if it ran smoothly.
A. out B. up C. off D. away
3. They took all the exhibits ______ after the show ended.
A. down B. over C. in D. up
4. One of many household chores is taking the trash ______.
A. up B. away C. out D. off
5. When the Republicans took ______ Congress, problems multiplied nationwide.
A. up B. over C. on D. off
6. Sara said she took golf ______ so that she could meet more interesting people.
A. on B. over C. back D. up
7. The workers tore the building _______ so a parking structure could be built in its place.
A. up B. down C. off D. away
8. Try ¬¬¬¬¬¬ this bicycle to determine if you feel comfortable on it.
A. out B. on C. off D. at
9. She turned the first offer ______ because she wanted more money for her house.
A. off B. away C. out D. down
10. Did you remember to turn the lights ______ before you left the house?
A. off B. in C. away D. over
11. They decided to name the new baby boy ______ Grandpa.
A. of B. after C. with D. as
12. Robert and Bill argued over who would pick ______ the dinner check.
A. up B. out C. in D. off
13. The hungry dog polished ______ all the food on the plate.
A. away B. out C. in D. off
14. Mom told her little boy to put all his toys ______ before coming to dinner.
A. out B. off C. away D. in
15. The couple put their wedding ______ until next year.
A. off B. up C. on D. away
16. If you - kids don't quiet ______, I'll send you all to bed without dinner.
A. away B. over C. down D. off
17. The criminal ripped 20 people ______ before the police caught him.
A. off B. of C. out D. over
18. The summer power outage shut the air conditioning ______ throughout the whole neighbourhood.
A. in B. down C. up D. out
19. Some people were born to talk. You can't shut them ______.
A. off B. up C. out D. away
20. You'd better show this car ______ before you get a speeding ticket.
A. off B. out C. down D. over

Number 5

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. The gunman told the victim to hand ______ all his money.
A. out B. over C. in D. off
2. Don't throw your jacket on the bed. Hand it ______.
A. up B. over C. on D. in
3. The supervisor told her to keep ______ the good work.
A. over B. on C. with D. up
4. man is killing ______ all the fish in the sea.
A. out B. away C. off D. up
5. If you leave ______ any information, the form will be returned to you.
A. down B. out C. up D. away
6. Security is very important in this building. Don't let anyone ______ unless they show you proper identification.
A. in B. out C. off D. on
7. Look this document ______ carefully before you sign it.
A. up B. on C. at D. over
8. If you don't know what a word means, look it _______ in the dictionary.
A. over B. up C. on D. at
9. I couldn't make ______ all the words on the sign because my glasses were dirty.
A. up B. out C. clear D. up with
10. Tony and Nancy always kiss and make ______ after their arguments.
A. up B. off C. with D. up with
11. Cross ______ my name because I won't be able to attend.
A. out B. down C. up D. away
12. I cut ______ my calories in order to lose weight.
A. off B. in C. back D. out
13. She will cut ______ the number of cigarettes she smokes.
A. off B. in C. up D. down
14. Don't cut ______ your nose in order to spite your face.
A. up B. off C. out D. down
15. I dropped my son ______ at soccer practice before I went to the office.
A. off B. down C. out D. in
16. Have you figured ______ how to solve the problem yet?
A. out B. on C. in D. of
17. After you fill the application form ______, sign it and date it.
A. on B. off C. out D. with
18. You should always fill ______ your tank when it gets down to a quarter full.
A. off B. up C. in D. out
19. All students must hand ______ their homework the day after it is assigned.
A. out B. on C. to D. in
20. The teacher handed the test ______ five minutes after class started.
A. out B. in C. off D. about

Number 6

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. The daughter looked ______ her mother after her mom was sent home from the hospital with a broken hip.
A. upon B. after C. on D. at
2. Why don't you look ______ this situation and see if you can figure out a way to fix it without spending too much money?
A. into B. on C. up D. out
3. Before you move out, you should nitify the post office ______ the new address you are moving to.
A. of B. on C. at D. with
4. My grandfather passed ______ when I was only six years old. He had lung cancer.
A. out B. over C. away D. off
5. Every day many of us have to put ______ people that we don't like.
A. on with B. off with C. up D. up with
6. Nancy ran ______ Bob while both were shopping at the supermarket.
A. over B. across C. upon D. onto
7. No one turned ______ for the book signing, so the author was very disappointed.
A. in B. on C. over D. out
8. Sarah got a divorce from Peter because he expected her to wait ______ him hand and foot. She told the judge that she was an independent woman, not a slave.
A. at B. on C. onto D. for
9. If you go hiking, you should watch ______ for poison oak and snakes. Both can cause you problems.
A. over B. up C. out D. on
10. Experts say that working ______ doesn't have to be strenuous to be effective.
A. about B. up C. over D. out
11. Lets get ______ the bus at the next stop. We can visit the museum and catch another bus in a couple of hours.
A. onto B. out C. in D. off
12. We got ______ the train at King Cross Station and rode it to Darlington.
A. on B. at C. to D. out
13. When the student got ______ the test, he gave it to the teacher.
A. over with B. through with C. through at D. over
14. If you're going to give ______ smoking, you must have a lot of will power.
A. away B. up C. in to D. off
15. After you write your report, give it to your boss. He will go ______ it and make any necessary changes.
A. upon B. through with C. over D. with
16. Some men never grow ______. They act like little spoiled boys their whole lives.
A. out B. on C. up D. over
17. If you get on that roller coaster, you'd better ______ tight. It's fast and it's scary.
A. to hang on B. hang at C. hand in D. hang on
18. She kept ______ taking the real estate exam until she finally passed it and got her license.
A. on B. onto C. in D. at
19. Kids have to walk fast if they want to ______ their parents on a stroll through the park.
A. keep with B. keep up with C. keep on to D. keep over with
20. The sergeant in the army is always telling the privates to listen ______ whenever he has something to say.
A. up B. on C. in D. off

Number 7

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. You'd better cut ______ animal fat if you want to lower your cholesterol level.
A. down with B. off with C. out in D. down on
2. Nancy asked the stranger if he would permit her to cut ______ line at the pharmacy, as Nancy needed to her medicine immediately or she would vomit.
A. in B. in at the C. onto D. on
3. I wish my friends would call me first before they drop ______.
A. in B. out C. at D. off
4. I almost dropped ______ to sleep several times while the professor lectured about the painting.
A. away B. in C. off D. out
5. Sales of the toy dropped ______ sharply when the TV news reported that a child had swallowed part of the toy and almost died.
A. out B. over C. away D. off
6. he was still in high school when his father died. He dropped ______ because he had to find a job to support his mother.
A. out B. off C. down D. by
7. Parents should teach their children very early not to fool ______ with matches.
A. off B. around C. about D. over
8. Poeple who don't get ______ their coworkers sometimes don't last long at their jobs.
A. up with B. along with C. on to D. by with
9. At a crime scene, the police will tell you to get back. They don't want civilians to interfere ______ the investigation.
A. at B. on C. with D. into
10. The boy was always getting ______ trouble as a youth. Then, to everyone's surprise, he became a policeman.
A. into B. onto C. on D. with
11. The tennis player wore his elbow ______ from many years of playing.
A. off B. out C. away D. up
12. Use a clean paper towel to wipe the spilled milk ______ the countertop.
A. off B. out C. away D. up
13. Mankind has managed to wipe ______ many kinds of animals.
A. away B. off C. out D. over
14. A corporation might write a debt ______ if it looks uncollectible.
A. away B. out C. over D. off
15. My car broke ______ on the way to work, I had to call a tow truck.
A. down B. up C. off D. away
16. John used to call ______ Jane every Sunday evening when they first started dating.
A. in B. on C. with D. at
17. Before you finish this project, check ______ you supervisor for further instructions.
A. on B. on with C. back with D. up
18. As soon as we got to the motel, we checked ______.
A. at B. in C. on D. off
19. While looking for my nail clipper, I came ______ a knife that I thought I had lost.
A. at B. with C. up D. across
20. I don't like my friends to come ______ unless they call me at home first.
A. away B. over C. off D. on

Number 8

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. Don't let anyone ______ you into buying a new car.
A. talk B. turn C. look D. come
2. We put his rude manner ______ ignorance of our British customers.
A. off at B. up with C. up to D. down to
3. Terry spent hours of his free time helping me to repair my car. T must make it ______ to him somehow.
A. up B. for C. away D. on
4. You should go to your dentist for regular ______.
A. check-ins B. check-outs C. check-ups D. check-up
5. We've ______ out of milk. You'll have to drink your tea without it.
A. come B. taken C. gone D. run
6. It's difficult to ______ luxuries when you're used to having them.
A. cut down on B. cut down at C. cut off on D. cut down into
7. I missed the seven o'clock news on the radio this morning. I ______ up too late.
A. came B. turned C. grew D. woke
8. Governments should ______ internatonal laws against terrorism.
A. bring up B. bring about C. bring in D. bring back
9. When we fly to Texas, we're going to ______ over in Atlanta to visit some friends.
A. stop B. come C. arrive D. go
10. Grandfather must be tired. He's nodding ______ in his chair.
A. away B. of C. over D. off
11. How did you ______ up with such strange idea?
A. show B. look C. come D. get
12. You can't possibly say no to such a wonderful job offer. It's too good to ______.
A. turn it up B. turn it down C. put it up D. put it down
13. Eva was born in the South, but she grew ______ in the North.
A. up B. on C. about D. at
14. "What ______ your flight?" "There was a big snowstorm in Denver that delayed a lot of flights."
A. delayed up B. postponed up C. held up D. hung up
15. "Can you read that sign?" "Just a minutes. Let me ______ my glasses."
A. put off B. put on C. put with D. put away
16. This is Bob speaking. I need my pocket calculator. Can I have it back tomorrow? I can't _____ it.
A. do with B. do without C. deal with D. deal without
17. "That old paint that you have stored in your garage is a fine hazard." "You're right. I should ______ it."
A. get away from B. get rid of C. get through with D. get along with
18. "You must be anxious to go on your vacation." "I certainly am. I'm really ______ this trip."
A. looking for B. looking forward
C. looking forward to D. looking up to
19. "Who ______ out that tie for you?" "No one. I chose it myself."
A. bought B. brought C. turned D. picked
20. We didn't like John when we first met him, but he has turned ______ to be a good friend to us.
A. down B. up C. on D. out

Number 9

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. They're going to tear down those old warehuses to ______ for a big new hotel.
A. make path B. do way C. do path D. make way
2. "You did a fine job on this research paper, especially on the bibliography." "Thanks. I made a ______ of getting the bibliography exactly right. I did it over and ______ until it was perfect."
A. sense - again B. point - over
C. point - again D. sense - over
3. "Have you ______ this contract yet?" "Not yet. I'll try to read it this weekend."
A. looked over B. looked into C. looked up D. looked out
4. After ten minutes, the students ______ in their quizzes to the instructor.
A. gave B. had C. held D. handed
5. "Hellow, is Bill there?" "Yes, ______ a minute, and I'll get him."
A. hang on B. hang up C. hold on D. A and C are correct
6. The President visited the area to see the devastation ______.
A. on first hand B. at first hand
C. on first hands D. at first hands
7. "Will the concert start soon?" "It should get ______ any minute now."
A. on well B. on way C. through way D. under way
8. Living by the ocean really ______ your ______. Once you've lived there, you never want to leave.
A. came in - heart B. get in - blood C. get in - heart D. came in - blood
9. Don't get so excited. Just ______ down and tell us what happened.
A. calm B. come C. relax D. rest
10. Don't try too hard. Don't ______ off more than you can ______.
A. eat - chew B. bite - swallow C. bite - chew D. eat - swallow
11. ______, Carlos is very punctual, but he was late tonight.
A. For a rule B. Like a rule C. As a rule D. For a rule of thump
12. "What did Professor Roberts say when you asked him if the final exam could be postponed?" "He said that it was out of ____ because there's no time to reschedule the test."
A. a question B. the question C. the solution D. hand
13. "I think Mark was cheating on that quiz." "That doesn't ______. Why should the best student in the class cheat?"
A. add sense B. add logic C. add up D. add on
14. I was talking to my aunt when suddenly my cousin George ______ in on our conversation.
A. interrupted B. broke C. went D. intervened
15. Their team won the game, but they ______ dominated it. It was a very close game.
A. at no means B. by not means
C. not with any means D. by no means
16. That saleswoman ______ her clients at least once a month because she thinks personal contact is important.
A. calls on B. visits on C. drops for D. depends on
17. I can't ______ if it's a man or a woman over there.
A. wear out B. pour out C. make out D. turn out
18. This song wasn't very popular when it was first recorded, but now it's starting to ___.
A. go on B. keep on C. stay on D. catch on
19. A good stereo system doesn't have to cost ______ and ______. You can find one for a reasonable price.
A. an arm - a leg B. a hand - a leg
C. a finger - a toe D. a hand - a foot
20. "I'm depressed. I didn't do very well on the first quiz." "______! That quiz only counted for 10 percent of the total grade, and I'm sure you'll do better on the other tests."
A. Count up B. Count out C. Put out D. Put down

Number 10

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. Without written evidence, we don't have a ______ on.
A. leg to stand B. foot to stand
C. leg to lean D. foot to lean
2. I was taking a quiet walk last night when, ______, there wa a loud explosion.
A. all in all B. all at once
C. suddenly at once D. once at all
3. "I understand Nancy lost her job." "Yes, but she's actuially ______. She found a more interesting job with a higher salary."
A. good off B. better on C. better off D. good on
4. We'll start very soon. Roll up your ______.
A. sleeves B. hands C. pants D. shirt
5. Prevention is better than ______.
A. treatment B. pills C. cure D. doctors
6. Everything could be done by ______.
A. a nod and bow B. a nod and wink
C. a wink and a nod D. a nod and a wink
7. These workers are at the ______ of the economic ______.
A. line - heap B. heap - bottom
C. bottom - heap D. heap - line
8. Tickets are available on a first come, ______ basis.
A. first got B. early served C. first served D. early got
9. It does my ______ to see the old place being taken care of so well.
A. heart well B. heart good C. head well D. head good
10. Just take one job and do your best. Don't be a jack ______.
A. for all trades B. of all tracks C. of all trades D. for all jobs
11. "You should get rid of that old leather jacket." "I know, but I hate to ______ with it."
A. part B. leave C. break D. cut
12. You can't get a soda from that machine. There's a sign on it says that "______".
A. Out of job B. Out of hand C. Out of order D. Out of mind
13. I don't have much cash ______, but I can get some from an automatic teller machine.
A. in hand B. on hand C. into hand D. under hand
14. "I like that painting you bought. Did it cost much?" "No, the artist sold it to me for ______."
A. close to nothing B. next to anything
C. next to nothing D. anything next
15. "When will you be informed of the test results?" "Not until Monday, so I'll be ______ all weekend."
A. at needles and pins B. on pins and needles
C. on needles and pins D. at pins and needles
16. "What's Peter's cousin's name?" "It's on the tip of my ______, but I can't quite remember."
A. mouth B. lips C. tongue D. memory
17. What a confusing story! I can't make ______ of it.
A. sense B. meaning C. logic D. understanding
18. "How was your exam?" "A couple of questions were tricky, but on the ______ it was pretty easy."
A. spot B. general C. hand D. whole
19. "Has Kate got used to her new job at the bank yet?" "It took her a while, but I think she's finally ______ it off there."
A. kicked B. defeated C. knocked D. hit
20. George complained that no one invited him to any social events and that he felt ______.
A. turned out B. left out C. omitted out D. gone out

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11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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