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Number 1

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Those eggs of different colors are very artistic." "Yes, they ______ in Russia."
A. were painted B. were paint C. were painting D. painted
2. "David is in prison for smoking drugs." "He ______ that it was against the law."
A. is telling B. was told C. told D. tells
3. "The maintenance people didn't remove the chairs from the ballroom." "Don't worry. They ______ them before the dance begins."
A. will have been moved B. will have moved
C. were moved D. moved
4. Gold ______ in California in the 19th century.
A. was discovered B. has been discovered
C. was discover D. they discovered
5. ______ that military spending is extremely high.
A. We are left B. It feels C. It is felt D. We feel that it is
6. All planes ______ before departure.
A. will checked B. will have checked
C. will be checked D. will been checked
7. I wanted ______ by the head of the company, but it was impossible.
A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. being to see
8. Nancy ______ at Bob's house every night mthis week.
A. has been eaten B. has eating C. is being eaten D. has been eating
9. "Where did you get these old dresses?" "We ______ them in the old trunk."
A. were found B. finding C. found D. have been found
10. "What happened to the old mail carrier?" "He ______ to a new neighborhood to work."
A. has sent B. was send C. was sent D. sent
11. "The longest fish in the contest was eighteen inches long." "It ______ by Peter."
A. was catching B. caught C. was caught D. catch
12. "I heard you decided to take up tennis. "Yes, I Have ______ every day."
A. beeb played B. been playing C. playing D. play
13. "Are we about to have dinner?" "Yes, it ______ in the dining room."
A. is serving B. serves C. is being served D. served
14. "Why is Tony in prison?" "He ______ of robbery."
A. has been convicted B. has been convicting
C. has convicted D. convicted
15. "Where are Jack and Joseph?" "They ______ the boxes you asked for into the house."
A. have been bringing B. bringing
C. have been brought D. to bring
16. "Where's the old chicken coop?" "It ______ by a windsorm last year."
A. destroy B. is destroyed C. was destroyed D. destroyed
17. "We're still looking for Tom?" "Hasn't he ______ yet?"
A. been found B. to find C. found D. being found
18. "Whatever happened to that fortune-teller?" "I don't know. She ______ around here in a long time."
A. hasn't seen B. didn't see C. hasn't been seeing D. hasn't been seen
19. "Diana is a wonderful ballet dancer." "She ______ since she was four."
A. has been dancing B. has been danced
C. is dancing D. was danced
20. "What a beautiful dress you're wearing!" "Thank you. It ______ especially for me by a French tailor."
A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made

Number 2

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. About 15,000 years ago, northern Wisconsin ______ under ice a mile deep.
A. buried B. was burying C. was buried D. had buried
2. Edward was new on the job, but he quickly fit himself into the ______ routine of the office.
A. established B. establishing C. establishes D. establish
3. The Mayan Indians ______ an accurate and sophisticated calendar more than seven centuries ago.
A. were developed B. developed
C. are developed D. have been developed
4. George is ______ Lisa.
A. marry with B. marry to C. married with D. married to
5. The rescuers ______ for their bravery and fortitude in locating the lost mountain climbers.
A. were praised B. praised C. were praising D. praising
6. When I woke up and looked outside, the landscape had changed. The ground had been lightly ______ with a dusting of snow during the night.
A. covering B. cover C. covers D. covered
7. We can't even walk in the storm. Let's wait in the hallway where we'll be ______ the strong winds until things quiet down.
A. protected from B. protected by
C. protecting from D. protecting by
8. "______ about the eight o'clock flight to Chicago?" "Not yet."
A. Has been an announcement made B. Has an announcement made
C. Has an announcement been made D. Has been made an announcement
9. Last night a tornado swept through Rockville. It ______ everything in its path.
A. destroyed B. was destroyed
C. was being destroyed D. had been destroyed
10. Be sure to wash the vegetables throroughly. A lot of pesticides residue ______ on unwashed produce.
A. can find B. can found C. can be found D. can be finding
11. Wait a minute! The table ______.
A. is being laid B. had been laid C. is laid D. has been laid
12. Dynamite ______ by Alfred Bernard Nobel.
A. had been invented B. invented
C. was invented D. was being invented
13. This exercise may ______ with a pencil.
A. be written B. be to write C. be writing D. write
14. ______ this work ______ before you went to London?
A. Will - have been done B. Has - been done
C. Will - be done D. Had - been done
15. If you ______ about it, will you be able to answer?
A. are asked B. ask C. will be asked D. asked
16. A shortage fo water is a problem in many parts of the world. In some areas, water ______ from the ground faster than nature can replenish the supply.
A. is being taken B. has been taking C. is taking D. has teken
17. Vitamin C ______ by the human body. It gets into the blood stream quickly.
A. absorbs easily B. is easily absorbing
C. is easily absorbed D. absorbed easily
18. "When can I have my car back?" "I think it'll ______ late this afternoon."
A. finish B. be finished C. have finished D. be finish
19. I didn't think my interview went very well, but I guess it must have. Despite all my anxiety, I ______ for the job I wanted. I'm really going to work hard to justify their confidence.
A. was hiring B. hired C. got hiring D. got hired
20. My country ______ the pursuit of world peace.
A. is dedicating to B. is dedicated to
C. is dedicating by D. is dedicated by

Number 3

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Has the committee made its decision yet?" "Not yet. They are still ______ the proposal."
A. considering B. beeb considered
C. being considered D. considered
2. In some rural areas of the United States, health care ______ by only a small mumber of doctors. Nurses, and other health professionals. It's often more than they can handle.
A. is providing B. is being provided
C. provides D. provided
3. "How did that window ______?" "I don't know."
A. get broken B. broke C. got broken D. broken
4. Renoir is one of the most popular French impressionist painters. His paintings ______ masterpieces all over the world.
A. had considered B. are considering
C. are considered D. consider
5. As the fairy tale goes, the prince ______ into a frog by an evil magician, and only a kiss from a beautiful princess could restore him to his original state.
A. turned B. was turning C. was turned D. had been turning
6. " ______ the plan ______?" "No, it ______ now." "How long ______ it ______?"
A. Has ... been approved - is being discussed - has ... been discussed
B. Was ... approved - is being discussed - has ... been discussed
C. Has ... been approved - is being discussed - was discussed
D. Has ... been approved - is discussed - has ... been discussed
7. By the time he arrives everything ______.
A. had been settled B. will be settled
C. will have been settled D. has been settled
8. Not all the necessary things ______ for our trip that's why the departure ______.
A. will have been bought - has been postponed
B. have been bought - has been postponed
C. has been bought - has been postponed
D. had been bought - has been postponed
9. The money ______ to him two months ago, but it ______ back yet.
A. was lent - had not been given
B. has been lent - was not given
C. was lent - has not given
D. was lent - has not been given
10. The business day was in high gear; the mail ______, documents were being typed, letters ______, talks ______.
A. was being looked through - have been answered - had been held
B. was being looked through - were being answered - were being held
C. hss been looked through - were being answered - were being held
D. had looked through - had been answered - were being held
11. The building of the bridge had bee delayed for three years because of political problems on both sides of the rivers. Finally, it ______ because the public demand action, and now many hours of driving have been saved for daily commuters.
A. was constructed B. get constructed
C. constructed D. has constructed
12. On Friday afternoon before a three-day holiday weekend, the highways ______ people on their way out of the city.
A. are crowding by B. are being crowd with
C. are crowded with D. crowd by
13. Fortunately, the hospital's new air-conditioning system ______ when the first heat wave of the summer arrived.
A. had installed B. installed
C. had been installed D. had been installing
14. It's hard to believe that my application for a scholarship ______. I was sure I'd get it. I don't know now if I'll go to school next year.
A. was denied B. denied C. was denying D. has denied
15. The man died because medical help was not summoned. A doctor should ______ immediately.
A. have called B. be called C. called D. have been called
16. "Can't we do something about the situation?" "Something ______ right now."
A. is doing B. is do C. is being done D. has been doing
17. "Are you interested in scuba diving?" "Very, Undersea life is ______."
A. fascinated B. fascinating C. being fascinating D. being fascinated
18. The university ______ by private funds as well as by tuition income and grants.
A. is supported B. supports C. is supporting D. has supported
19. My car made strange noise, sputtered to a stop, and then wouldn't start again. Fortunately, the mechanic at my garage ______ the cause of the problem.
A. was discovering B. discovered
C. was discovered D. has been discovered
20. "Ms John, please type those letters before noon." "They've already ______, sir. They're on your desk."
A. typed B. been typed C. being typed D. been being typed

Number 4

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. I ______ with you on that subject.
A. am agree B. am agreed C. agreeing D. agree
2. Many American automobiles ______ in Detroit, Michigan.
A. manufacture B. have manufactured
C. are manufactured D. are manufacturing
3. Let's go ahead and do it now. Nothing ______ by waiting.
A. accomplishes B. accomplished
C. has accomplished D. will be accomplished
4. "When ______?" "In 1928."
A. penicillin was invented B. did penicillin invented
C. was penicillin invented D. did penicillin invent
5. In recent years, the government has imposed pollution controls on automobile manufacturers. Both domestic and imported automabiles must ______ anti-pollution devices.
A. equip with B. be equipped with
C. equip by D. be equipped by
6. The first draft resolution ______ yesterday, it ______ long before the beginning of the meeting.
A. has not been discussed - had been withdrawn
B. was not discussed - has been withdrawn
C. was not discussed - had been withdrawn
D. had not been discussed - was withdrawn
7. He is not in town; he ______ on a special mission.
A. is sending B. will be sent C. has sent D. has been sent
8. Don't come into the compartment; the berth ______ now.
A. is being fixed B. has been fixed C. is fixed D. is being fixing
9. A new underground line ______ now. They say one of its stations ______ in my street.
A. is constructed - will be built
B. is being constructed - has been built
C. is being constructed - will be built
D. will be constructed - to be built
10. He wants to know when the final decision ______. The activities of the committee and their delays already ______ about.
A. has been taken - have spoken B. will be taken - have been spoken
C. will be taken - will be spoken D. ia taken - have been spoken
11. It was three o'clock. We ______ to hurry up because we ______.
A. were told - were being waited B. had been told - were waited
C. were told - were waiting D. told - were being waited
12. Do you believe that such a problem can ______?
A. solve B. be solving C. is solved D. be solved
13. It must ______ without delay.
A. be done B. have been done C. do D. be doing
14. On Septenber 9, 1850, California ______ to the United States as the thirty-first state.
A. has been admitted B. was admitted
C. has admitted D. admitted
15. When I came, an experiment ______ in the lab.
A. was being holding B. has been held
C. was being held D. has held
16. I still cannot believe it! My bicycle ______ some minutes ago.
A. was stolen B. was stealing C. stolen D. stole
17. The current constitutional problem is ______ by the top legal minds in the country.
A. studying B. being studying
C. being studied D. been studied
18. Something funny ______ in class yesterday.
A. happened B. was happened C. happens D. is happened
19. The child's arm was swollen because he ______ by a bee.
A. stung B. had stung C. had been stung D. had being stung
20. Today many serious childhood diseases ______ by early immunization.
A. are preventing B. can prevent C. prevent D. can be prevented

Number 5

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. Sally gave such a good speech that I couldn't resist ______ loudly when she finished.
A. applauding B. being applauding
C. to applaud D. to be applauded
2. Tom admitted ______ the rock through the window.
A. throwing B. being thrown C. to throw D. to be thrown
3. If you want to develop inner tranquility, you have to stop ______ by every little thing that happens.
A. bothering B. being bothered C. to bother D. to be bothered
4. Richard really didn't mind ______ by the party to celebrate his fortieth birthday although he told his friends that they shouldn't have done it.
A. surprising B. being surprised C. to surprise D. to be surprised
5. Ann hoped ______ to join the private club, She could make important business contacts there.
A. inviting B. being invited C. to invite D. to be invited
6. Are you sure you told me? I don't recall ______ about it.
A. having told B. having been told
C. to have told D. to have been told
7. David appears ______ some weight. Has he been ill?
A. having lost B. having been lost
C. to have lost D. to have been lost
8. Tom made a serious mistake at work, but his boss didn't fire him. He's lucky ______ a second chance.
A. having given B. having been given
C. to have given D. to have been given
9. Dr. Nguyen is a brilliant and dedicated scientist who had expected to be selected as the director of the institute. She was very purprised not ______ the position.
A. having offered B. having been offered
C. to have offered D. to have been offered
10. By the time their baby arrives, the Johnsons hope ______ painting and decorating the new nursery.
A. having finished B. having been finished
C. to have finished D. to have been finished
11. Instead of ______ about the good news, Peter seemed to be indifferent.
A. exciting B. being excited C. to excite D. to be excited
12. The new students hope ______ in many of the school's social activities.
A. including B. being included C. to include D. to be included
13. The owner of the building's supply store doesn't mind ______ his customers discounts when they buy in large quamtities.
A. giving B. being given C. to give D. to be given
14. Jack got into trouble when he refused ______ his briefcase for the customs officer.
A. opening B. being opened C. to open D. to be opened
15. Barbara didn't mention ______ about her progress report at work, but i'm sure she is.
A. concerning B. being concerned C. to concern D. to be concerned
16. The City Parks Department is putting in several miles of new trails because so many people have said that they enjoy ______ on them.
A. walking B. being walked C. to walk D. to be walked
17. You'd better save some money for a rainy day. You can't count on ______ by your parents every time you get into finacial difficulty.
A. rescuing B. being rescued C. to rescue D. to be rescued
18. Please forgive me. I didn't mean ______ you.
A. upsetting B. being upset C. to upset D. to be upset
19. I don't remember ______ of the decision to change the company policy on vacations. When was it decided?
A. telling B. being told C. to tell D. to be told
20. Ms Clark expects ______ about any revisions in her manuscript before it is printed.
A. consulting B. being consulted C. to consult D. to be consulted

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