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Bài gửiTiêu đề: LANGUAGE FUNCTION   Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:37 pm


Number 2

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "I can't thank you enough for your help." "______"
A. I'd rather not. B. My pleasure.
C. I don't mind. D. My goodness.
2. " Do you think you'd enjoy spending a month in the rainforest?" "______"
A. I'm not sure. B. Oh, thank you.
C. Really? That's great! D. Sometimes it bothers me.
3. "Could I have a table for two, please?" "______"
A. No, thank you. B. Sorry, we've fully booked.
C. The one over there. D. This table, please.
4. "Who's making tea?" "______"
A. No, thank you. I prefer coffee. B. Not really. It's not my favourite drink.
C. I am. It'll be ready soon. D. She did. It was really nice.
5. "Would you say that English is a global language?" "______"
A. Yes, it has. B. I like it.
C. I don't understand the difference. D. Oh, absolutely.
6. "What did you send to Mr. Smith?" "______"
A. I lent him a report. B. I sent him a copy of the report.
C. I went there with him. D. I wrote a report for him.
7. " New York must be the most interesting city in the world, don't you think?" "______"
A. No, I'd rather do something else. B. Yes, I'd love to.
C. It might be. D. No, I don't like tall buildings.
8. "How long will it take to finish that report?" "______"
A. I'll report it to the manager. B. It's about 10 pages long.
C. I'll have it finished by next week. D. I agree. It's very long.
9. "Where shall we meet?" "______"
A. Let's go by taxi. B. Let's start early.
C. Why not here? D. Why not?
10. How many times a week do you play tennis?" "______"
A. At least four times. B. I like it, too.
C. At the stadium. D. Not very well.
11. "______" "Oh, thank you."
A. Do I carry that bag for you? B. Will I carry that bag for you?
C. Shall I carry that bag for you? D. Would I carry that bag for you?
12. "Could I get you something else to eat?" "______"
A. I'm having a hamburger. B. Let me pay.
C. Let's go to the reataurant. D. No, thanks. I'm full.
13. "Are you OK?" "______. I feel really awful."
A. Yes, I am. B. No, I'm not.
C. I don't mind. D. I don't care.
14. "How do you get to work?" "______"
A. Every weekday. B. It's a boring job.
C. It's a travel agancy. D. By bicycle.
15. "have you ever been to South America?" "______"
A. I think it's interesting. B. No, but I'm going next year.
C. How far away is it? D. I don't think so.
16. "Could you speak more quietly?" "______"
A. I can only speak very fast. B. Of course. Excuse me.
C. It is noisy here. D. I don't know.
17. "How did you like the movie?" "______"
A. It lasted about two hours. B. I went there by taxi.
C. I thought it was boring. D. Yes, it was.
18. "Could I borrow your calculator?" "______"
A. Yes, you could. B. Yes, you can.
C. Yes, you do. D. Yes, you will.
19. "Bring a knife to class tomorrow." "______"
A. When? B. Whatever for?
C. Where? D. Why ever for?
20. "Who's the new lawyer?" "______"
A. I don't think she's a law student. B. Yes, she's a law student.
C. I have known her for two years. D. She's a friend of mine from law school.

Number 3

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. " Can I help you?" "______"
A. Yes, you can. B. No, you can't.
C. Yes, I'm looking for a jumper. D. Yes, here's lovely one.
2. "Peter's gone to the States for a month." "______"
A. He's twenty years old. B. Oh, thanks.
C. He's studying English. D. Oh, ? Holiday?yes
3. "Who took this phone message?" "______"
A. The phone is right here. B. With Mary.
C. She has a phone book. D. Mary.
4. "Happy birthday, Shirley." "______"
A. Oh, good morning. B. Oh, thanks, Janet.
C. Never mind. D. Not at all.
5. "He's got a new car." "______"
A. Oh, yes? What sort? B. Not mine.
C. He's really nice. D. He works in a bank.
6. "What will you wear to the ceremony?" "______"
A. An album.l B. A wedding ceremony.
C. My new suit. D. My younger brother.
7. "How would you like your steak?" "______"
A. Yes, sir. B. Very good.
C. Not too bad. D. Rare, please.
8. "When does this passport expire?" "______"
A. You can pick it up tomorrow. B. It was very expensive.
C. It's good for one month. D. I want to return to my hometown.
9. "Do you prefer beer or mineral water?" "______"
A. Actually, I usually drink just water. B. Yes, I do.
C. No, I don't. D. Yes, it's a cool drink.
10. "Do you want to come with us to the museum tomorrow?" "______"
A. Titanic, please. B. I'd like two tickets.
C. Thanks, but I'd rather stay at home. D. I enjoy watching films.
11. "Where can I hang up my coat?" "______"
A. That's very nice. B. Put it in this closet.
C. Wat I need is a new coat. D. It's very wet.
12. Look, don't worry about me, there's a bus at 12.30. So ______ by 2.00, I promise!
A. I'm back B. I would be back
C. I should be D. I'll be back
13. "Will Dr. Stevens be at the conference?" "______"
A. It'll be in this room. B. It lasts about three hours.
C. It won't start until three. D. Yes, he plans to be there.
14. "I'm having problems at school. What do you think I should do?" "______"
A. I think you should talk it over with your parents.
B. I talk it over with your parents.
C. Would you mind talking it over with your parents?
D. You would talk it over with your parents.
15. "I've got an appointment at the dentest's. ______" "Have you brought a note from your parets?"
A. Shall I leave school early? B. Can I leave school early?
C. Would I leave school early? D. Leave school early.
16. "Where did you go on vacation?" "______"
A. To California. B. Next month.
C. For six days. D. Davis and I went there.
17. "Will there be a lot of people at the concert tonight?" "______. There aren't usually very many."
A. I don't expect so B. I expect not
C. I expect so D. I think not
18. "Will the match take place in this weather?" "______. In fact, I'm sure it won't."
A. I think so B. I think not
C. I expect so D. I don't think so
19. "______" "You press this button."
A. Why doesn't this machine work? B. How does this machine work?
C. Does this machine work? D. This machine works, doesn't it?
20. "______" "About half a mile."
A. How often do you go to the station? B. How far is it to the station?
C. How long does it take to the station? D. How do I go to the station?

Number 4

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Don't drop those plates, will you?" "______"
A. OK, I'll be careful. B. OK, I don't mind.
C. Yes, I can. D. Yes, of course.
2. "______" "Yes, there's planty of romm."
A. How big is the garden? B. What's the garden like?
C. It's quite a big garden, isn't it? D. It doesn't have a big garden, does it?
3. "These sausages are delicious, aren't they?" "______"
A. They certainly are. B. Yes, they taste salty.
C. I think so. D. Yes, I'd love some.
4. Why are you leaving so early?" "______"
A. It's OK. B. I might be late tomorrow morning.
C. Let's have an appointment. D. I have an appointment downtown.
5. "Thanks a lot." "______"
A. Don't mention it. B. Oh, that's too bad.
C. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. D. Of course.
6. "Are we going the right way?" "I think ______"
A. indeed B. it
C. so D. yes
7. "How far is the train station?" "______"
A. Approximately two miles long. B. About ten minutes away.
C. Quite slow, I think. D. It's really fast, isn't it?
8. "How did you hear about his death?" "______"
A. It's too bad. B. Your mother told me.
C. I don't know him very well. D. I'm not sure why he died.
9. "Can I see your passport?" "______"
A. Sure. There you go. B. No, I'm sorry.
C. Yes, I had one issued recently. D. Oh, thanks.
10. "Is this your first time in the United States?" "______"
A. No, I haven't. B. Yes, I've been here before.
C. Yes, I came here in 1990. D. No, this is my second time.
11. "How long are you staying?" "______"
A. Five years ago. B. For five days.
C. In New York. D. I'll be there shortly.
12. "Can you type this letter before you go home?" "______"
A. No, thanks. I can manage. B. Yes, you may.
C. Yes, I'll do it now. D. No, not very quickly.
13. "I need to sell this bike quickly." "______"
A. I like bikes. B. I don't need it quickly.
C. I don't need to sell it. D. I don't need a bike.
14. "Could you give me two bowls of beef soup, please?" "______"
A. Do you have any soup? B. You don't have soup, do you?
C. How's the soup? D. Would you like anything else?
15. "Would you recommend that movie? I heard it was pretty good." "______"
A. Oh, yeah. You have to see it. B. I like action movies.
C. Well how about seeing a suspense movie? D. That's not a bad idea.
16. "Who is on the phone?" "______"
A. I installed a new phone system yesterday. B. I have a new telephone.
C. Mike is talking to ne of his friends. D. Mike is late.
17. "Hi, sorry, I'm late." "______"
A. Hi, my name's Jim. B. Pleased to meet you.
C. Hi, I'm from Canada. D. That's OK.
18. "Can we start the meeting now?" "______"
A. It takes five hours. B. Yesterday we met all day.
C. No, not everyone has arrived yet. D. Yes, I was very glad to be here.
19. "I can't wait." "______"
A. Couldn't you wait five minutes? B. I'd like to very much.
C. Could you wait five minutes? D. Yes, please.
20. "Where do you get most of uour news?" "______"
A. Yeah, a little. B. Every day.
C. Very interested. D. TV and radio.

Number 5

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "I'm Bill Thompson." "______"
A. Nice to meet you. B. Nice to meet you, too.
C. It's J-A-K-E. D. Se you then.
2. "Is everything all right?" "______"
A. Oh, that takes a lot of time. B. Oh, yes, I think so.
C. You, too. D. Yes, that's right.
3. "Can I borrow your watch?" "______"
A. Sorry. I need it. B. Yes, here you are.
C. Japanese, please. D. A or B.
4. "Who do you play tennis with?" "______"
A. My sister does. B. My sister.
C. I do. D. Every weekend.
5. "I'm going to hitchhike around the world." "______"
A. Oh, are you? B. Oh, that's very dangerous.
C. Of course, you'll be all right. D. A or B.
6. This is my last portable CD player. I'll let you have it for fifty dollars." "______"
A. Could you give me a discount? B. Could you possibly give me fifty dollars?
C. Could you give me your last CD? D. Can you tell me your favourite type of music?
7. "What do you think of pop music?" "______"
A. I think so, too. B. I don't think so.
C. I think there are various kinds of sports. D. I think it's relaxing.
8. "Uh, oh! I've spilled coffee on my shirt." "______"
A. A damp cloth, please. B. Another coffee, please.
C. Just a minute. I'll get a damp cloth for you. D. Just a minute. I'm trying to put you through.
9. "How do you spell 'accustomed'?" "______"
A. It's a diffiucult word. B. It's a long word, isn't it?
C. I'm not sure. I'll look it up for you. D. I always have a dictionary.
10. "May I borrow your pen?" "______"
A. I've just read the report. B. Oh, may you?
C. I got a loan from the bank for my car. D. Sure, but I need it back.
11. "I see you're smoking. I thought you stopped last month." "______"
A. Did you give up smoking five years ago? B. Smoking is harmful.
C. I did. I don't know why I started again. D. Here it is. I bought it last week.
12. "I feel really thirsty. Have you got anything to drink?" "______"
A. Do you prefer some lemonade? B. Do you take some lemonade?
C. Would you like some lemonade? D. Could you have some lemonade?
13. "What is the purpose of your visit?" "______"
A. My next stop is California. B. I'm not sure.
C. I've been here for a fornight. D. I'm attending a meeting.
14. "Well, you know, it's really close to public transportation." "______"
A. But I don't own a car. B. Yes, I always drive to work.
C. But I always drive to work. D. No, I don't have a car.
15. "Here. Genuine silk ties. Two for five dollars." "______"
A. Do you have silk ties? B. What if I buy two?
C. Would you take four fifty? D. Do you have any ties?
16. "Would you prefer a job with lots of excitement?" "______"
A. I'd like that. B. That would be OK>
C. Not really. D. A, B or C.
17. "I like your hair." "______"
A. Yeah, he is. B. Thanks.
C. It's long enough. D. I don't mind it.
18. "What kind of music do you like?" "______"
A. I don't like either one. B. Really? I can't stand her.
C. Mostly pop. D. Really? Me, too.
19. Could we picnic here?" "______"
A. No, you may not. B. I'm afraid so.
C. Not, I think. D. I'm sorry. I'm afraid you can't.
20. "What is his occupation?" "______"
A. He's a bookkeeper. B. He's always busy.
C. He's occupied sometimes. D. He's very nice.
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: LANGUAGE FUNCTION   Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:38 pm

Number 6

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "What would you like to order?" "______"
A. Yes, I would. B. Yes, you can.
C. Hamburger, please. D. At 2.30, please.
2. "It was extremely good of you to send us all these useful materials." "______"
A. Yes, that's right. B. Yes, please.
C. Oh, I did that. D. Oh, it was the least I could do.
3. "Where do you go skiing?" "______"
A. In July. B. In winter.
C. I like skiing a lot. D. In Colorado.
4. "I can't sleep at night." "______"
A. It's good to sleep. B. Get up and do some work.
C. At 10 pm. D. In my bedroom.
5. "______" "I'm a doctor."
A. What are you doing? B. What do you do?
C. What do you look like? D. What's your name?
6. "Hello. Could I speak to Maria, please?" "______"
A. Good morning. How are you? B. Yes, of course.
C. Hello Alice. How are you? D. Speaking. Who's that?
7. "Thank you very much." "______"
A. Yes, of course. B. I like it a lot.
C. You're alright. D. You're welcome.
8. "What sort of music do you like?" "______"
A. I usually listen to music at weekends. B. No, I don't.
C. Rock. D. Michael Jacson.
9. "______" "I'm sorry. I don't know."
A. Excuse me. Where's the nearest bank, please?
B. Excuse me. Are you from here?
C. Excuse me. Are you Tim Brown?
D. Excuse me. You're Australian, aren't you?
10. "Where should I wait for the bus?" "______"
A. I think it takes about half an hour. B. I'm sorry I don't know how to get there.
C. There's nothing to discuss . D. There's a bus stop over there.
11. "Why is it so cold in this room?" "______"
A. Put it in here. B. This isn't a beautiful room.
C. The heating system doesn't work. D. Heating systems today aren't so expensive.
12. "What a great time we had!" "______"
A. I'm sorry I don't have the time. B. It's 4 past, I think.
C. I don't know. D. Yes, I did enjoy myself.
13. "There are two of you for lunch, right?" "______"
A. No, we're from elsewhere. B. I'd like a table for two, please.
C. No, we don't usually have lunch. D. Yes, me and my cousin, Jimmy.
14. "How about going across the street for a cup of coffee?" "______"
A. I should. Coffee is good. B. I can't. I'm meeting Jennifer at the library at 5.00.
C. Jennifer is really nice. D. Sure. Jennifer is getting on really well.
15. "It's very hot in here. ______" "Of course."
A. Must you open the window? B. Shall you open the window?
C. Could you open the window? D. A or C.
16. "Could you give me a receipt, please?" "______"
A. Yes, of course. B. Yes, I could.
C. Not at all. D. OK, I could.
17. "Have they sent you some money?" No, I'm afraid ______."
A. so B. too
C. not D. none
18. "______" "Yes, good idea!"
A. Do we have a picnic? B. We haven't had a picnic for a long time.
C. We want to have a picnic, don't we? D. Why don't we have a picnic?
19. "How much does a new computer cost?" "______"
A. She has three computers. B. A basic model costs about $2.00.
C. I want some new computers, too. D. I don't think I need a new computer.
20. "I'm hungry." "______. I haven't eaten anything at all."
A. I am so B. I think so
C. So am I D. So do I

Number 7

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "______" "I agree. It doesn't look very nice."
A. This building looks awful. B. This building looks nice.
C. Does this building look awful? D. This building looks nice, doesn't it?
2. "This phone doesn't work." "______"
A. This one does, too. B. So does this one.
C. Neither does this one. D. This one does, either.
3. Which of the following is the function of this sentence: "Would you like me to do the washing up?"
A. Complaining B. Inviting
C. Offering to do something D. Introducing other people.
4. "This cupboard is broken." "______"
A. But it's big. B. We'll get it fixed.
C. But it's small. D. We have to pay extra money.
5. "How would you like to have this genuine gold watch?" "______"
A. Yes, please. B. No, thanks. I can manage.
C. No, thanks. They're not silk. D. I'm sorry. I'm not wearing a watch.
6. "Have you checked your email today?" "______"
A. All right. I'll do it for you. B. Yes, it's getting extremely slow.
C. No, I'll check it later. D. No, it costs a lot.
7. "These sunglasses are going cheap." "______"
A. I wear sunglasses. B. They're too expensive.
C. Sunglasses are good. D. I've already had one.
8. "I wish you wouldn't smoke in here." "______"
A. I don't agree. I' afraid. B. Sorry, shall I open the door?
C. Would you mind opening the door? D. I think it's OK.
9. "Whose glasses are these?" "______"
A. I find them quite bright. B. I don't think they fit me.
C. They're mine. D. They are nade in China, aren't they?
10. "How do you do? I'm Bill Thompson." "______"
A. Very well. Thank you. B. I'm fifteen years old.
C. I'm fine. D. How do you do?
11. "What would you do in my situation?" "______"
A. Let's ask for a loan from the bank.
B. I think you should ask for a loan from the bank.
C. I thought you would ask for a loan from the bank.
D. Please ask for a loan from the bank.
12. "Shall I collect the tickets for you?" "______"
A. I think you shall. B. In my opinion you would.
C. That would be a real help. D. No, I don't have tickets.
13. "Mary hardly ate her dinner." "______"
A. He ate too much. B. He usually eats much.
C. No, she didn't eat much, it's true. D. No, he usually ate much.
14. "I wish we had a washing machine." "______"
A. Not really. I had one.
B. So do I. It would make it a lot easier to do our laundry.
C. So it is. It is expensive.
D. It's in the kitchen.
15. "I have an idea. Let's go on a picnic on Saturday." "______"
A. Okay. B. You're kidding.
C. I know. D. I'm sure.
16. "Come on, hurry up! Tidy your room and make your bed!" "______. It's not fair!"
A. No, I won't. B. No, I may not.
C. No, I don't mind D. No, I don't.
17. "I'd like to place an order for delivery, please." "______"
A. Sure, how much is it? B. We actually take orders at five.
C. Sure, what time is it? D. Sure, what would you like?
18. "Who is at the door?" "______"
A. The guests ahve just arrived. B. I can't open it.
C. The door is stuck. D. Have you got it fixed yet?
19. "You must be very pleased." "______"
A. Thanks very much. B. Yes, I am.
C. Actually, that's a pretty good idea. D. I don't have time.
20. "Hi, I have an appointment with Dr. Lin." "______"
A. Hi, I don't like appointments.
B. How did you get here?
C. Hi. Please take a seat over there, and the doctor will be with you shortly.
D. Hi, what do you like most about him?

Number 8

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee?" "______"
A. I never drink coffee. B. It's my pleasure.
C. Cream and sugar, please. D. No, thanks.
2. "What a big house this is!" "______"
A. Yes, it's a nice house. B. It has four bedrooms.
C. It has a nice view, too. D. Yes, it's my brother's house.
3. "Who's that?" "______"
A. It's my new bike. B. It's a bike.
C. He's my English teacher. D. He's English.
4. "What is she going to talk about?" "______"
A. She might talk for over one hour. B. It says in the program.
C. I've heard he's a good public speaker. D. I guess he's coming.
5. "My apartment has a view of the river." "______"
A. Guess what! B. Yes, it is!
C. I've been there. D. You're lucky.
6. "When can you get it all done?" "______"
A. How does next Monday sound? B. Two hours ago.
C. I used to do it on Monday. D. How much time do I need?
7. "He's not a fast reader." "______"
A. Yes, he's not a fast reader. B. No, he reads very slowly.
C. Yes, she's slow reader. D. No, he doesn't read very slowly.
8. "Hi Tom. How's everything?" "______"
A. Not bad. How are you? B. Hi. How do you do?
C. Not really. I'm on vacation. D. I'm a student here.
9. "I love the Cranberries. How about you? Do you like them?" "______"
A. I'm pretty fine. Thanks. B. No, I'm standing here.
C. No, I can't stand them. D. No, they always stand there.
10. "My name's Williams." "______"
A. I'm Pam. B. It's Pam.
C. I'm from New York. D. How old are you?
11. Which of the following is the function of this sentence: "I'd love to come, but I'm already going out that evening."
A. Offering to do something B. Apologizing
C. Giving advice D. Declining an invitation
12. "I haven't been to a party for ages." "______. I hate crowded rooms."
A. So have I B. Neither have I
C. Yes, so do I D. Yes, neither do I
13. "Should we leave at two o'clock or two-thirty?" "______"
A. I'd rather we didn't. B. Yes, at two thirty.
C. We left two hours ago. D. I thought we'd agreed on two o'clock.
14. "It was a super show, wasn't it?" "______"
A. Great. I really enjoyed it. B. I don't like shows.
C. Well, in fact I don't like shows. D. Great. It costs a lot.
15. "Do you think the grocery store is still open?" "______"
A. It has a wide range of vegetables.
B. It's not far from here.
C. It could be one of the most expensive groceries in the area.
D. It could be. I can't ever remember what their hours are.
16. "Can you come to the office early tomorrow?" "______"
A. Yes, I don't usually get up early.
B. I' sorry. I can't arrive before half past eight.
C. I don't think the office is open tomorrow.
D. Me too. I'm not quite early.
17. "We've got time for a coffee, haven't we?" "______"
A. Why not? B. A quick one maybe.
C. I'd prefer tea. D. I'll have tea, please.
18. "How much are the garlic prawns?" "______"
A. Five of them. B. Five dollars.
C. Table for five? D. Five types of garlic prawns.
19. "______" "I generally go about once every two weeks with my boyfriend."
A. How long does the movie last? B. What kinds of movie do you like?
C. Would you recommend that movie? D. How often do you go to the movies?
20. Who uses this computer?" "______"
A. It's a second-hand computer. B. It's my computer.
C. It's broken. D. She bought it five years ago.

Number 9

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Let's take the tent." "______"
A. Don't B. Of course, not!
C. How about paying by cash? D. Let's not!
2. "Would you like a drink?" "______"
A. Yes, I want to. B. Yes, please.
C. Thank you. I don't want. D. No, I won't.
3. "Do you spend too much time talking on the phone?" "______"
A. All the time. B. Yes, a lot of time.
C. Occasionally D. No problem
4. It wasn't an important meeting." "______"
A. Do you think it's important?" B. Right. The meeting was very important.
C. True. The meeting was unimportant. D. Yes, it was a very well-organized meeting.
5. "I have a house in the suburbs." "______"
A. Oh, is it? B. Oh, whatever.
C. No, not much. D. Oh, I bet it's really quiet.
6. "Are you Jean Taylor?" "______"
A. No, I'm a doctor. B. Yes, that's right.
C. How are you? D. I'm Bill Thompson.
7. "What do you do to relax?" "______"
A. Sure I would. B. Not really.
C. Yes, I do. D. I do some exercise.
8. "Would you ever try acupuncture?" "______"
A. No way! B. So would I.
C. Not too much time. D. I kind of enjoy it.
9. "Could you give directions to the top five tourist sites in your city?" "______"
A. I'm not bad. B. I don't think so.
C. It's not far at all. D. Yes, a lot.
10. "______" "It's not likely."
A. How important is it to attend university?
B. Is it possible to get a good job without attending university?
C. Would you be interested in attending university in a foreign country?
D. Is it very important to attend university in a foreign country?
11. "I have a terrible cold." "______"
A. That sounds good. B. No, I haven't.
C. Really? That's too bad. D. I'm going to see a doctor.
12. "Could you help us in the office tomorrow?" "______"
A. Why should I? B. Sure.
C. What a nice office you have! D. A or B.
13. "How do you like Japanese food?" "______"
A. Oh, I bought some in that store. B. Oh, do you?
C. How should I? D. Oh, I like it a lot.
14. "______" "You use this stylus thing to input your data."
A. How does it work? B. How is it?
C. What's the problem? D. What's that?
15. If you worked in television, which job would interest you?" "______"
A. No, it doesn't interest me. B. Game show host.
C. More than twenty. D. News or sports.
16. " I really need a new stove." "______"
A. That sounds nice. B. That's super!
C. There are five of them. D. Let's go shopping on Saturday.
17. "Do you need bedroom furniture?" "______"
A. Yes, I do. I need a bed. B. It's fantastic!
C. No, I don't. It belong to jim. D.
18. "When are we going to start subscribing to the magazine?" "______"
A. Yes, I'm going to start receiving it next month?
B. We'll get our first issue next month.
C. Yes, I have already written the article.
D. Yeah, that sounds fantastic!
19. "Information Services. How may I help you?" "______"
A. I'd like a phone number, please. B. Why did you call?
C. Someone is on the line. D. Yes, not for me.
20. "Would you like a salad?" "______"
A. Yes, I'll have a coffee. B. May I take your order?
C. Yes, I'll have a green salad. D. Italian, please

Number 10

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "______" "I guess I'll have a cup of coffee."
A. Do you like coffee? B. Would you like some coffee?
C. What would you like to drink? D. I don't like coffee.
2. "He's usually on time, isn't it?" "______"
A. No, he's always punctual. B. Yes, he's never late.
C. No, he's never late. D. Yes, he's not always on time.
3. "Is there a lot of traffic where you live?" "______"
A. I could try. B. Almost every day.
C. Yes, it's pretty heavy. D. Sure, no problem.
4. "Does she look like her sister?" "______"
A. No, she likes green. B. Yes, both like mathematics.
C. No, she doesn't like swimming. D. No, they are very different.
5. "What did you do last weekend?" "______"
A. I went swimming. B. It was last picnic.
C. That's it. D. No, I've never gone swimming.
6. "Hi, Daniel." "______"
A. Hello. B. Catch you later.
C. It was nice of you. D. Nice to meet you, too.
7. "You can have these CDs for eight fifty." "______"
A. Sorry, that's too much. B. Yes, that's too much.
C. I have a CD player. D. I'll give you twelve fifty.
8. "Have you got anything with beef in it?" "______"
A. No, just chicken or pork. B. Chicken or pork?
C. There's chicken in it. D. Beef or chicken?
9. "What kind of vegetable dishes do you have?" "______"
A. Stir-fried or steamed? B. Do you like vegetables?
C. They aren't expensive. D. Just vegetables.
10. "Hi, you're Rick, aren't you?" "______"
A. OK. Great to see you, too.
B. That's Cosin Emily.
C. Yeah, that's right. You're Peggy Sue, aren't you?
D. Yeah, it must have been twenty years.
11. "Would you describe yourself as talkative?" "______"
A. Oh, no! I'm not good at describing. B. Not really. I'm average height.
C. No, I'm a pretty quiet kind of guy. D. No, I'm an engineer.
12. "I don't know whether I should call or just send an email." "______"
A. You should send an email. It's a lot quicker B. I don't use email very often.
C. I don't think that's quickest way. D. I usually pay $40 for emailing.
13. "The printer is out of ink." "______"
A. Is it? Get someone to fix it.
B. Try shaking the cartridge. There might be a little left.
C. Paper is expensive those days.
D. A or C.
14. "Do you mean he was fired?" "______"
A. How should I know? B. Why should I care?
C. He's not very mean, I think. D. That's what Miriam told me.
15. "You're Jane's supervisor, aren't you?" "______"
A. I'm actually one of her colleagues. B. We're actually not Chinese.
C. I'm from Class A. D. I think he's very enthusiastic.
16. "______" "It goes down to about 100 Celsius."
A. It's great weather, isn't it? B. How cold is it in the winter?
C. Do you like it here? D. Are you going downtown this evening?
17. "Would you pay $200,000 for a sport car?" "______"
A. I doubt it. B. No way!
C. Sure, why not? D. A, B or C.
18. "Diane Grant? I haven't seen you for ages." "______"
A. That terrific! B. I'm Michael Shawn.
C. Brian! Are you a teacher? D. Brian! How have you been?
19. "You look great! How are you?" "______"
A. I'm doing really well. B. Well, I'm going home right now.
C. No, I ahven't got married. D. I haven't seen you for ages, either.
20. "Can I do this for you?" "______"
A. No, you can't. B. Of course not.
C. It's alright, thanks. D. You're welcome.
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Number 11

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Here you are." "______"
A. You're welcome. B. Not at all.
C. Yes, please. D. Thanks a lot.
2. "Thank you for taking the time to come here in person." "______"
A. I'd love to come. What time? B. It's my pleasure.
C. Do you have time for some gossip? D. I don't know what time that person comes.
3. "I'm crazy about ice-cream." "______"
A. I have two ice-creams a day. B. I am, too.
C. How heavy are you? D. Oh, sorry.
4. "______" "No, thank you. That will be all."
A. What would you like? B. It's very good of you to help me.
C. What kind of beef do you like? D. Would you like anything lese?
5. "Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Roberto, please?" "______"
A. I'm afraid not. He works very hard. B. He always comes late.
C. I'm afraid he's not in. Can I take a message? D. Thank you. Good bye.
6. "You've really changed." "______"
A. Yes, I am. B. I'll never change my mind.
C. Have I? D. Oh, sorry, I can't.
7. "I have a terrible headache." "______"
A. Maybe you should take a rest. B. Maybe I'm not going to the doctor's.
C. Not very well. Thanks. D. Not bad. I'm not going to the doctor's.
8. "You have an interesting life, Felix." "______"
A. Oh, don't do that. B. I should do that.
C. Yes, I'm intersted in science books. D. Yes, but it's hard work.
9. "I'm afraid I can't hear you." "______"
A. I'm sorry. I'll speak louder. B. Yes, I can hear very well now.
C. Can't you? Sorry. D. A or C.
10. "Where's the view? The ad said that this place has a great view of the ocean." "______"
A. It's not convenient. B. It's really convenient.
C. You can see it from the back. D. It has good facilities.
11. "Would you be willing to travel as part of your job?" "______"
A. That would be great. B. I don't mind it.
C. I'd rather not. D. A, B or C.
12. "Hi, this is Alice. I wonder if you could do something for me." "______"
A. It depends on what they are. B. No, thanks.
C. Hi, my name's Mary. D. What's it like?
13. "Why did the natinal team lose so badly?" "______"
A. They lost 4-1. B. They didn't prepare well enough.
C. True. They are losers. D. Yes, it was a national team.
14. "Didn't you go to the conference?" "______"
A. Nevr mind. B. I did, but I didn't stay long.
C. No, I went there with my friends. D. That sounds nice, but I can't.
15. "Why did you turn the air conditioner on?" "______"
A. I don't think so. B. I think it's in bad condition.
C. It's a little warm in here. D. I can't see anything.
16. "Well, could you call the airline and reconfirm my flight? I'm kind of busy right now." "______"
A. Not at all. B. I'll try. Let me have the details.
C. What are you doing? D. What do you think I should do?
17. "______" "Everyday. It's a full time job, you know."
A. How often do you record 'Round the Corner'?
B. Is it a full time job?
C. How did you record 'Round the Corner'?
D. Why did you record 'Round the Corner'?
18. "Didn't Mike stop and give you a lift?" "______"
A. Yes, he didn't, but maybe he didn't see me.
B. Really?
C. Oh, he came here yesterday.
D. No, he didn't, but maybe he didn't see me.
19. "Do you think you could repair a broken photocopier?" "______"
A. Yeah, hardly any. B. I probably could.
C. Never. D. Quite a lot.
20. "Haven't you put an ad in the paper yet?" "______"
A. I will, first thing in the morning. B. I can get a paper for you.
C. I'm not sure. D. I'm with you there.

Number 12

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Do you pay much attention to the business news?" "______"
A. Very important. B. Yes, a little.
C. Kind of important. D. I'll try, but I don't have time.
2. "What was the last gift that you received?" "______"
A. A fashion item. B. It depends on the situation.
C. Several times. D. I think it's OK.
3. "Did you bring my CD?" "______"
A. I liked your CD. B. No, I'm sorry. I forgot.
C. No. D. It's OK.
4. "Where did they hold the conference last year?" "______"
A. They hold an annual conference. B. At the Green Hotel.
C. Sure, they did so. D. I know it's interesting enough.
5. "What do you think of the English spelling system?" "______"
A. It's crazy! B. I prefer American English.
C. Sometimes. D. No, it hasn'r.
6. "Hello, Emily. How are you?" "______"
A. Nice to meet you, too. B. I'm sixteen years old.
C. I'm fine, thanks. D. Oh, over there.
7. "Do you want me to help you with those packages?" "______"
A. No, those aren't mine. B. No, I can handle them myself.
C. No, I can't help you right now. D. Of course, not for me.
8. "Have you noticed that Professor Adams wears something green every day?" "______"
A. I know. He's a good professor. B. I know. He must like green.
C. Sure. He will do that. D. He'd rather do that.
9. "The second bedroom's spacious." "______"
A. It looks kind of small to me. B. It is air-conditioned.
C. It needs to be fixed. D. It looks beautiful.
10. "______" "No, nothing special."
A. Did you watch the movie? B. Didn't you watch the movie?
C. Did you have a great time? D. Did you do anything special last weekend?
11. "What does it cost to get to Scotland?" "______"
A. I always go by train. B. I don't like to go by train.
C. It's interesting to travel to Scotland. D. It depends on how you go.
12. "What did you think of the play?" "______"
A. Have you seen the play? B. I liked the set and the costumes.
C. No, I don't think much. D. No, it's a boring play.
13. "______" "No, we aren't. But we are on the same volleyball team."
A. Are you and Tom on the same volleyball team?
B. Why are you and Tom in the same class?
C. How often do you play volleyball?
D. Are you and Tom in the same class?
14. "There's a great movie on TV tonight. Would you like to watch it with me?" "______"
A. You're welcome. B. That's OK.
C. Yes, I'd love to. What time does it start? D. No problem.
15. "______" "No, I don't play the piano."
A. Do you play the piano? B. What kind of music do you like?
C. Do you like any kind of music? D. Do you earn a lot by playing the piano?
16. "She mailed it express, didn't she?" "______"
A. Didn't she? B. She wants to express her apology.
C. Let me call and ask her. D. She told me he was sorry for it.
17. "There's a baseball game tonight." "______"
A. Thanks. I'd love to. B. Great. Let's go.
C. Don't mention it. D. Actually I'm not a real fan of hers.
18. "______" "I can't stand it."
A. Is she standing over there? B. Where's that music from?
C. Do you like gospel music? D. Are you a good listener?
19. "I want to send this letter. Is there any post office around here?" "______"
A. Yes, it's closed today. B. Yeah, I'll do it for you.
C. Yes, there's one on Main Street. D. Do you often go to the post office?
20. "Excuse me. I'm your new neighbor, Jack. I just moved in." "______"
A. Sorry, I don't know. B. Oh, I don't think so.
C. Where to? D. I'm afraid not.

Number 13

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "How well do you play?" "______"
A. I don't play very often. B. I don't play very hard.
C. No, I don't play very well. D. Pretty well, I guess.
2. "Where did you go?" "______"
A. Rock and Roll. B. To the Rock-it Club.
C. At around 10:00. D. It was great, I think.
3. "Who can make coffee?" "______"
A. I take milk in my coffee. B. I can't stop coughing.
C. I'll make you a cup. D. I'd prefer tea.
4. "______" "She's the tall one in jeans."
A. Is she very tall? B. How tall is she?
C. Which one is she? D. What does she do?
5. "What about an evening riverboat tour?" "______"
A. No, it's good.
B. Actually I've never gone on an evening tour.
C. No, I've never gone on an eveing tour.
D. Uh, actually I've gone twice this week.
6. "What's the best place to eat lunch?" "______"
A. I usually eat lunch at five. B. Twelve would be fine.
C. I'll have soup, please. D. There's a great restaurant across the street.
7. "When is the tenth anniversary of the firm?" "______"
A. No, not until nest week. B. We've been married for ten years.
C. It will be ten years old next July. D. We'll have to do a lot of things.
8. "______" "Yes, I do. I like them a lot."
A. Do you prefer tennis or badminton? B. How often do you play badminton?
C. What do you think of tennis? D. Do you like sports?
9. Would you like your steak rare, medium or well-done?" "______"
A. No, thanks. B. Very rare, please.
C. Just three or four. D. I'm hungry.
10. "How much vodka is there?" "______"
A. It's five dollars. B. No, ther aren't.
C. Yes, let's make some cocktails. D. About three or four.
11. "Let me drive you home." "______"
A. No problem. B. It's me.
C. No, don't worry. I', all right. D. No, I usually drive home at five.
12. "______" "Yes. Do you have any shirts?"
A. Oh, dear. What a nice shirt! B. Green, please.
C. Could you do me a favor? D. May I help you?
13. "He's putting a package in my car." "______"
A. Well, I'm afraid not. B. Maybe it's a Christmas present.
C. When's her birthday? D. Where's he going?
14. "How long does it take?" "______"
A. About 100 meters. B. Just in front of the supermarket.
C. About fifteen minutes. D. It's pretty short.
15. "______" "Yes, about twenty cigarettes a day."
A. Do you smoke? B. Well, you should stop smoking.
C. Anything else? D. What's the matter?
16. "Maybe you can take a vacation next month." "______"
A. You're lucky! B. You're welcome.
C. I don't think so. I'm teaching all summer. D. Nothing special.
17. "What's the weather like there?" "______"
A. It's a very nice place. B. It's freezing!
C. It didn't take long. D. It was very fare.
18. "______" "Fantastic!"
A. What did you do? B. Did you go to the USA?
C. What was the USA like? D. Where did you stay?
19. "Are you French?" "______"
A. Yes, they're very nice. B. It's in the West of France.
C. Yes, I am. D. Pretty good, thanks.
20. "______" "No, I'm not. I feel awful."
A. How are you? B. What's the matter?
C. Is there anything wrong? D. Are you feeling OK?

Number 14

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Where will you go on vacation?" "______"
A. Probably to the beach. B. The beach is nice, isn't it?
C. I have a five-day vacation. D. Probably I won't. Never!
2. "What do you think of your new CD player?" "______"
A. I love it. B. I always put it there.
C. It was a gift from my brother. D. My brother gave it to me.
3. "______" "I'd rather have a cat than a dog.
A. You don't like dogs, do you? B. You like cats, don't you?
C. If you were me, what would you do? D. Would you rather have a cat or a dog?
4. "Why can't you finish this project on time?" "______"
A. This watch is expensive. B. I've been sick.
C. It's time to finish. D. About five next Friday.
5. "______" "A lot of hard work."
A. What do you do? B. What's the most important part of your job?
C. What does your job involve? D. What are your responsibilities?
6. Have you ever written a fan letter?" "______"
A. Yes, I have. I wrote a fan letter to David Beckham.
B. David Beckham, I think.
C. My favourite football player? David Beckham.
D. Maybe, it's David Beckham.
7. "______" "Yes, alright. But could you clean your room first?"
A. Would you like to go to David's party this weekened?
B. Will you go to David's party this weekend?
C. Can I go to David's party this weekend?
D. What time does David's party begin?
8. "Could you call me later?" "______"
A. Absolutely not! You can't drive. B. Yes, of course. I'm good at math.
C. Sure. I'll call you at 7:00. D. No, I'm sorry. My back hurts.
9. "Your boss looks like the agressive type." "______"
A. Yeah, he's quite gentle. B. Yeah, he really wants to get ahead.
C. Really? I've never seen him lie. D. Right. He's always quiet.
10. "Can I try your new camera?" "______"
A. No, I'm sorry. I'm home late. B. Sure. But please be careful with it.
C. Sure. I'd love to. D. I'm sorry I can't. Let's see a comedy.
11. "How late will the bank be open." "______"
A. Its services are good, too. B. It will be open until 6p.m.
C. It is two blocks away. D. It is not very far.
12. "What do you think of my party dress?" "______"
A. It's great. B. Can I come, too?
C. I'm not invited. D. Why don't we invite Jack?
13. "How are you been recently?" "______"
A. Pretty busy. B. It's too late now.
C. By bus, I think. D. No, I'm not that busy.
14. "Will the math teacher give a test this week?" "______"
A. No, he probably won't. B. Yes, the test was difficult.
C. I don't think he will come. D. I doubt whether it's easy.
15. "How can I contact Mr. Peterson?" "______"
A. He'll come back tomorrow. B. Yes, that's Mr. Peterson.
C. You can send him an email message. D. He spends a lot of time emailing.
16. "Can you come over after the show?" "______"
A. Why don't we go to the show? B. That would be nice.
C. No, I didn't. D. Please, go ahead.
17. "Are you finished with that novel?" "______"
A. Just about. B. In July.
C. Yes, I've read it twice. D. I'm about to see that writer.
18. "How can this small dress be so expensive?" "______"
A. You're paying for the brand. B. Yes, it's expensive.
C. That's a good idea. D. What an expensive dress!
19. "______" "I think the zipper is broken."
A. Can I help you? B. Why is it so expensive?
C. What's wrong with it? D. What is it?
20. "May I leave a message for Ms. Gallo?" "______"
A. She's leaving a message now. B. I'm afraid she's not here at the moment.
C. Yes, I'll make sure she gets it. D. No, she's not here.

Number 15

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "Good afternoon." "______"
A. Until next time. B. Hello.
C. Goodbye. D. Good morning.
2. "What's the weather like?" "______"
A. He's in California. B. It's wet and cold.
C. Congratulations. D. I'm afraid not.
3. "Sure, your name, please?" "______"
A. Are you waiting for a flight? B. WQhen do you leave for Miami?
C. Jenifer. J-N-I-F-E-R. D. Could I reconfirm the reservation I made last week?
4. "I think the pants are a little big." "______"
A. Are they big enough? B. Yeah, you should get a bigger pair.
C. Yeah, maybe a little. D. Yeah, they are not big at all.
5. "Don't you have a different word for elevator in Britain?" "______"
A. Yeah, I sometimes use it. B. Yeah, it's called a lift.
C. Yeah, this one is broken. D. Yeah, I rarely use it.
6. "A cigarette?" "______"
A. Yes, please. B. Yes, I am.
C. Well, it's a cigarette. D. No, it's good.
7. "That's a nice vase." "______"
A. Thank you.. It's Chinese. B. Nice to meet you, too.
C. I'm sorry I have to dash. D. Yes, please.
8. "Do you need a knife and a fork?" "______"
A. No, I'll just use a frying pan. B. No, I'll just use a can opener.
C. No, I'll just use chopsticks. D. No, I'll use a cooker.
9. "I'd like a shower radio." "______"
A. No, I think it would be quite useful. B. What for?
C. It's for the shower. D. Do you?
10. "Do you think it's bad to keep all the candy to yourself?" "______"
A. I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm too agressive.
B. You're right. I'm a bit jealous.
C. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so selfish.
D. You're absolutely right. I'm crazy about candy.
11. "I get impatient when the teacher won't tell us the answers." "______"
A. Yeah, she should know the answers. B. Yeah, she speaks too quickly.
C. Yeah, it's hard to think of the answers. D. Yeah, I wish she'd hurry up.
12. "How much are the eggs?" "______"
A. Two kilos. B. Just behind the grapes.
C. Two pounds a kilo. D. I don't think we have enough.
13. "She's such a generous person." "______"
A. Really? I thought she was a bit selfish.
B. Yeah, she can't keep her mouth closed.
C. Yes. She mustn't want to have it.
D. What? She's talkative?
14. "How long did you watch TV?" "______"
A. At home. B. For one hour.
C. Last night. D. I was short of money.
15. "What do you do for a living?" "______"
A. I work in a bank. B. It's a hard job.
C. I want to be a teacher, I guess. D. I get a high salary, you know.
16. "You're so patient with us." "______"
A. I know, I have trouble controlling my temper.
B. Thanks, that's good of you to say so.
C. That's a bit rude, don't you think?
D. I'm fine. Thanks.
17. "I'm eleven years old." "______"
A. Yes, she is. B. She isn't.
C. Are you? D. Yes, I am.
18. "Congratulations." "______"
A. No, thanks. B. You're kidding.
C. Thank you. D. Yes, please.
19. "Did you play tennis last weekend?" "______"
A. Oh? B. I worked.
C. It's my favorite sport. D. Do you like it?
20. "What did you do last night?" "______"
A. Yes, I could. B. Yes, I did.
C. No, not really. D. I read a novel.

Number 16

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "See you tomorrow." "______"
A. Goodbye. B. That's OK.
C. No way. D. Hello.
2. "Where's Jake?" "______"
A. American. B. He's from America.
C. He's in London. D. He works at a bank.
3. "Let's buy this stair exerciser." "______"
A. For exercising. B. Oh, I really don't think we need one.
C. No, I think we should buy it. D. Oh, really? How did you get that?
4. What does this thing do?" "______"
A. I can use it well. B. I think it's a waste of money.
C. It sure does. D. It peels vegetables.
5. "I'm sorry I'm going to cancel tomorrow's lesson." "______"I
A. I'm not sure. B. I'm busy.
C. OK, how about the day after. D. I guess not.
6. "Would you like to order now?" "______"
A. Yes, I like beef salad. B. Yes, I'd like beef salad.
C. It's excellent. D. Yes, a table for five.
7. "How large is your staff?" "______"
A. We produce electronic equipment. B. They work very well.
C. We have twenty people. D. It's a big company.
8. "She looks fantastic for her age." "______"
A. Yes, she's very kind. B. She does look young, doesn't she?
C. No, she's not very tall. D. Yeah, she's sociable girl.
9. "How would you like a weekend job?" "______"
A. Something good. B. I like my weekend job.
C. I'd prefer evenings. D. Working with people.
10. "You've been described as very intelligent." "______"
A. Yes, please. B. I don't know what's wrong.
C. I don't think he's talented D. Thanks, that's very kind of you to say so.
11. "______" "No, my hand."
A. What's the problem? B. Did it hurt your arm?
C. How are you feeling? D. What did you do with your arm?
12. "______" "What happened?"
A. What did you do today? B. I had a bad day.
C. How was your day? D. Have a nice day.
13. "May I help you?" "______"
A. I'll be there in May. B. I can't help it.
C. Yes, I'd appriciate that. D. I'll help you with that.
14. "What do you do?" "______"
A. How do you do? B. I'm a doctor.
C. I'm fine, thanks. D. Not too bad.
15. "______" "I have a headache."
A. That's too bad. B. You look great.
C. What's the matter? D. What are you doing?
16. "How do you feel about interviewing famous people?" "______"
A. Famous people are rich. B. They love it.
C. I'd like to be famous. D. It makes me nervous.
17. "I can't sleep." "______"
A. Why don't you take a warm bath before bed time?
B. So can I.
C. You should stop it.
D. Just drink some coffee.
18. "I studied French for two years." "______"
A. Did you guess? B. Yeah, she's French.
C. Was it hard? D. Yes, I did.
19. "______" "I am not sure."
A. Are you a visual learner? B. I met your brother yesterday.
C. Let's buy this dictionary. D. What do you do?
20. "______" "Oh, really?Why?"
A. You have a doctor's appointment at twelve. B. What do I do next?
C. Our Wednesday class has been canceled D. When do you have class again?

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Number 17

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "I don't really like this cold weather." "______"
A. Yeah, it's really hot. B. I don't like skiing.
C. I don't like it, either. D. So do I.
2. Are you thinking of flying business class?" "______"
A. No, I'd like an aisle seat. B. No, I'm just on business.
C. No, economy. D. I'm flying there to attend a party.
3. "______" "Yeah, down this street, on the left."
A. How often does the train come? B. Is this a train station?
C. Is there a station near here? D. Would you like to go by train?
4. "What time is it in London?" "______"
A. It's cool. B. She's in London.
C. It's five o'clock. D. By plane.
5. "What kind of books do you read?" "______"
A. About two a month. B. I go to the library.
C. I like to read before I go to bed. D. I like nonfiction.
6. "Who's this?" "______"
A. She's on time. B. It's wet.
C. It's snowy. D. THis is Susan.
7. "My husband snores." "______"
A. Oh, no! B. What a pain!
C. Oh, do you? D. A or B.
8. "______" "Not really."
A. How often do you go to the movies?
B. Would you like to watch a cartoon or a documentary?
C. I don't like that new movie.
D. Would you recommend the new movie at the Odeon?
9. "Where did you get the watch?" "______"
A. It's Swiss. B. It was made in China.
C. It was a present. D. It was not very expensive.
10. "I'm very tired today." "______"
A. Why not? B. Why?
C. No. I'm not. D. Yes, I am.
11. "Go two blocks and then you're there." "______"
A. I'm sorry I don't know. B. Excuse me. How do I get there?
C. OK, thanks. D. No, thanks.
12. "I guess new tourists will come, won't they?" "______"
A. No, I won't. B. I guess so.
C. Yeah, I do. D. They are very brave.
13. "Nice view!" "______"
A. Yes, beautiful! B. Yes, it's at the back.
C. No, it was built last year. D. I don't think he's nice.
14. "______" "Yes, I have a date."
A. Do you have plans tonight?
B. What's the time, please?
C. Can I have an appointment with Dr. Smith?
D. Oh, I'm sorry I have to cancel the appointment.
15. "Hey! The store is closed." "______"
A. I don't know how to get there. B. He'll show you.
C. The owner had a family emergency. D. Sorry I'm in a hurry.
16. "What are your strengths?" "______"
A. Oh, chemistry, definitely. B. Oh, I'm not strong enough.
C. Oh, really? D. Oh, not bad.
17. "My nbeighbors have a dog that barks all night." "______"
A. You should talk to them. B. That sounds great.
C. I don't think I can make it there. D. Not too often.
18. "I have to pay my tuition today." "______"
A. Oh, you need to go to the library.
B. Oh, you need to go to the auditorium.
C. Oh, you need to go to the finance office.
D. Oh, you need to go to the stadium.
19. "His girlfriend is really jealous." "______"
A. I know, she never lets him go out alone.
B. She sure is - she's beautiful.
C. Yeah. She never shares anything.
D. Definitely. She can talk about it for hours.
20. "Sure. What's your destination?" "______"
A. Are you waiting for a bus? B. What are you doing here?
C. Could you call me a taxi? D. How much do you pay for a taxi?

Number 18

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "______" "I'm angry at Jake."
A. Hi, How are you? B. Hi, where have you been?
C. Hi, Carol. What time is it? D. Hi, what's wrong?
2. "The bus doesn't come that early." "______"
A. Every five minutes or so. B. I usually drive.
C. Yes, it's very infrequent. D. It often comes late.
3. "Can you just give me a chance?" "______"
A. I want to help you, but I can't. B. Thanks.
C. Have a nice day. D. Goodbye.
4. "What's his job?" "______"
A. It's terrific. B. It's hard work, you know.
C. He's an engineer. D. He drives to work every day.
5. "Can you make it here by 6 p.m.?" "______"
A. The next flight departs at five. B. I'm sorry I'm late.
C. I'll try my best. D. He's not coming.
6. "______" "Judt meetings."
A. Did you see Jim? B. Anything happened today?
C. How are you ? D. Do you think so?
7. "How did you get into this career?" "______"
A. I saw an ad in the paper. B. About five years ago.
C. I'm not sure. D. I earned $2,000 a month.
8. "May I take my break now?" "______"
A. I think I need five minutes. B. Yes, of course.
C. I'll be back in five minutes. D. No, you didn't break it.
9. "What do you think of a tie as a gift?" "______"
A. No, it's not new. B. No, it's too late.
C. No, it's too old. D. No, it's too cheap.
10. "My mother is seventy six." "______"
A. Really? B. But she works very hard.
C. She isn't here. D. A or B.
11. "Do you support the proposal to build a factory?" "______"
A. Yes, I'm against it. B. No, I don't think you're right.
C. No, not really. D. No, I like it.
12. "Where's Mike?" "______"
A. Very agressive. B. Hard-working.
C. I don't know. D. Yes, I know.
13. "It's supposed to rain today." "______"
A. Great. I'm going to the park. B. Yes, it's going to be extremely hot.
C. I'd better take an umbrella. D. I want to watch the weather forecast today.
14. "Why don't we go to a baseball game?" "______"
A. It's good to play baseball. B. No, I don't.
C. No, thanks. I'd like to sit here. D. I'd rather go to the art gallery.
15. "I've got two tickets for the exhibition." "______"
A. Oh, let's go and get the tickets. B. That's great. When is it?
C. Oh, anything lese? D. Thanks. I can't afford the tickets.
16. "Hi, I'd like some information on driving lessons." "______"
A. Sure, could I have your name and address? B. I'm afraid I can't.
C. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. D. Sure, please do.
17. "I heard you scraped your car. How is it?" "______"
A. It's beautiful. B. I'm afraid not.
C. Not too bad. D. It took hours.
18. "I got him this new jacket." "______"
A. Do you think it's new? B. Did you? He'll love it.
C. Are you OK? D. No, he didn't. He hated it.
19. "Why don't we get them tickets to France?" "______"
A. No, it's too cheap. B. That's a generous present.
C. I went there last year. D. I haven't been to France before.
20. "Great apartment!" "______"
A. That would be great, too. B. Yes, they are.
C. Thank you. D. Don't mention it.

Number 19

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "I'm afraid I need to reschedule my lesson." "______"
A. Sure, for what time? B. OK, let me know if you change your mind.
C. That's great news. D. Math, please.
2. "Would you like to go hunting tomorrow afternoon?" "______"
A. I'm afraid I can't. I have an appointment. B. Yes, I'd like to.
C. Nothing special. Why? D. A or B.
3. "So your job is pretty routine, then?" "______"
A. Yeah, sometime it's a little boring. B. Yeah, every day is different.
C. Yeah, I love exciting work. D. Yeah, it's very exciting.
4. "Do you like fried rice?" "______"
A. No, I prefer it steamed. B. It's convenient.
C. No, rice is good. D. I like them both.
5. "How do you like the chicken?" "______"
A. Here it is. B. Which ones?
C. Yes, it is. D. It's delicious.
6. "Would you say you're a hard-working person?" "______"
A. I suppose so. B. I think work is important.
C. Don't mention it. D. So would I.
7. "What's your greatest phobia?" "______"
A. Probably people who litter. B. Heights, definitely!
C. I haven't decided yet. D. I'm afraid not.
8. "I can't dance. Can you?" "______"
A. Yes, I can. B. My teacher told me.
C. I attended a dancing class. D. You know, it's good to dance.
9. "How would you like to go caving?" "______"
A. really? How was it? B. But I can't drive.
C. By car, I think. D. Sounds too scary for me.
10. "Jane's conceited." "______"
A. Oh, thanks. B. Oh, no! She's just modest.
C. Yes, she really is. She thinks she's great. D. B or C.
11. "Could you hand me that hammer?" "______"
A. It's ,not very expensive. B. Yes, please.
C. I'm about to use it myself. D. Yes, I'd like to.
12. "That was a boring book." "______"
A. I think it will be good. B. No, it's very boring.
C. It certainly was. D. Yes, was thrilling.
13. "Would you mind sending those flowers to Mr. Carlos?" "______"
A. He wouldn't mind. B. No, I can handle it myself.
C. I would if I were you. D. Sure, I'll do it now.
14. "______" "We lost again."
A. How did you lose?
B. We went to a football match yesterday.
C. So, what happened in football yesterday?
D. I hope that you will win.
15. "______" "Yes, it was terrible."
A. I study earthquakes. B. How many people died in the earthquake?
C. I heard something happened. D. Did you hear about yesterday's earthquake?
16. "What makes you energetic?" "______"
A. I want to go swimming. B. Swimming is a good way to relax.
C. I don't know. I am just. D. I guess it's boring.
17. "I think golfs really great." "______"
A. Do you? I think it's boring. B. Neither do I.
C. Almost every day. D. Don't you believe so.
18. "______" "OK> Where shall we go?"
A. Shall we go to the Jazz Festival? B. Have you done the shopping?
C. I want to go shopping. D. Oh, reading novels and going shopping.
19. "______" "Oh, but it's boring!"
A. Would you prefer news to films? B. I often watch the news at night.
C. Don't you like the news? D. I think you should watch the news.
20. "How's your new teacher?" "______"
A. She's from America. B. Sorry, she's not in here.
C. Yes, she's over there. D. She seems OK.

Number 20

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.

1. "I have a daughter." "______"
A. She usually gets up late. B. How old is she?
C. See you later. D. How nice she is!
2. "Is he a good cook?" "______"
A. Yes, he isn't a good cook. B. No, he cooks very well.
C. Yes, he's an excellent cook. D. Yes, he cooks very badly.
3. "So, what exactly do you do?" "______"
A. Around $1,000 a month. B. I answer phones and type letters.
C. I'm not sure. D. That's not enough to live on.
4. "Do you have a minute?" "______"
A. Sorry I'm in a hurry. B. Sure.
C. It's one o'clock. D. A or B.
5. "______" "I ordered broiled chicken. This is fried chicken."
A. What would you like? B. Would you like broiled chicken or fried chicken?
C. How would you like it? D. Is something the matter, sir?
6. "I have a flu." "______"
A. Great! B. Sorry to hear that.
C. Good for you. D. I don't like it.
7. "What does he look like?" "______"
A. He enjoyed it. B. He's a real fan of hers.
C. He likes it. D. He's very tall.
8. "Can you help me now?" "______"
A. No, thanks. B. No, I'm not going to take it.
C. I'll be right there. D. I'll be OK.
9. "Would you say that Mary is lazy?" "______"
A. Yes, she's never lazy. B. No, she's not hard-working at all.
C. Yes, she's dead boring. D. Yes, she stays idle all day.
10. "What month is it?" "______"
A. It's February. B. It's winter.
C. It's Monday. D. It's rainy.
11. "How many languages does she speak?" "______"
A. French. B. Two. French and Spanish.
C. French is her mother tongue. D. She can speak French and Spanish very well.
12. "John can't swim." "______"
A. Yes, he can. B. Can he swim?
C. Yes, he can't. D. Oh, ca he?
13. "I think the new resort will ruin the environment." "______"
A. I'm afrais so. B. Yeah, you will.
C. I agree. That sounds nice. D. Don't you think so?
14. "I need to buy a new dictionary." "______"
A. The auditorium is over there. B. The grocery store is just two miles away.
C. The financial office is over there. D. The student bookstore is over there.
15. "Do you like films?" "______"
A. Yes, I'd love to. B. That would be nice.
C. Yes, mostly love story movies. D. Love story movies.
16. "______" "Hardly ever."
A. What's your favorite website? B. What are you looking at?
C. How often do you use the Internet? D. What an interesting website!
17. "______" "Thanks."
A. Coffee? B. Would you like tea?
C. Good luck. D. Good bye.
18. "______" "Thank you."
A. Are you a newscater? B. You're a good news cater.
C. Good job, Jake. D. B or C.
19. "Does Mary have an appointment tonight?" "______"
A. Yes, please. B. No, thank you.
C. I'm sorry I'm busy. D. No, she doesn't.
20. "The resort will be good for tourism." "______"
A. I did. It's too bad. B. You think so?
C. Don't you believe so? D. Don't you know?
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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