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 bai tap nang cao

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: bai tap nang cao   Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:30 am

1.re"> Great power concentration are needed to display tennis professionally ( demands )
2.re"> Don’t eat so many sweets and you won’t have to visit the dentis so often ( save )
3.re"> Physical exercise is not a new modern past time ( nothing )
4.re"> Organic vegetables are said to be very healthy ( wonders )
5.re"> It was wrong of you not to call the doctor at once ( should )
6.re"> A new flu vaccine has been trial since the beginning of the year ( trying )
7.re"> The result of his study was a deep disappointment to his parents ( deeply )
8.re"> It was his lack of confidence that surprised me ( surprising )
9.re"> You will have to take a chance ( pot )
10.re"> The fact that you are always successful doesn’t surprise me ( no wonders )
11.re"> He very much surprised me when he said he loved me ( breath )
12.re"> Steady work is sure to be rewarded eventually ( run )
13.re"> Gerald never had enough to live on until he married that rich bussinessman ( short)
14.re"> We have more important things to do at the moment ( fish )
15.re"> Julie has to work very hard to earn just enough money to pay his bills ( ends )
16.re"> Jack has become confident as a result of his success ( turned )
17.re"> A rise in temperature in the next contry seems likely ( chance )
18.re"> You have said exactly the right thing ( nail )
19.re"> He maintained his position against his adversary ( ground )
20.re"> Twenty years ago , this region produced twice as much coal as it does now(halved)
21.re"> People don’t want to buy car with large engines any more ( call )
22.re"> Nobody could possibly believe the story he told us (beyond )
23.re"> There have several categories of people who do not have to pay the new tax (exempt)
24.re"> Our opinons on the subject are identical ( difference )
25.re"> Jenny did not feel like going to the party ( mood )
26.re"> The teacher agreed to introduce the new methods ( agreement )
27.re"> Local residents said they were against the new traffic scheme ( disapproval )
28.re"> We have no ideas where he is ( whereabouts )
29.re"> The policeman acted quickly and averted an accident ( prompt )
30.re"> This new record is certain to sell a lot of copies ( doubt )
31.re"> My bank manager and I get on together very well ( term )
32.re"> Very little money was raised by the charity appeal ( response )
33.re"> No obstacle was allowed to stand in the way of the director’s new project ( swept )
34.re"> The number of people out of work has been going down little by little (gradual )
35.re"> I was the only person who wanted to watch the program ( else )
36.re"> They ‘ll have to take the dog on holiday with them ( behind )
37.re"> Money is of little value on a desert island ( counts )
38.re"> The interview panel thought that sarah had a very good manner ( impression )
39.re"> You should think about the price before you decided whether to buy it or not ( consideration )
40.re"> She is not sure whether she wants to marrry him or not now ( second )
41.re"> You ‘ll need the choke out to start the car ( with )
42.re"> Some people always live within the limitations of their own experience ( outside )
43.re"> Her job is making her miserable ( down )
44.re"> When I bought it I thought it was a beautiful color , but I don’t like it any more ( gone )
45.re"> We have made neither a profit nor a loss this year ( even )
46.re"> Someone paid five thousand pounds for the painting ( went )
47.re"> I feel that I do not fit with the people in the new office ( fish )
48.re"> This interpretation is as valid as that one ( equally )
49.re"> Not a word came out of her mouth ( lost )
50.re"> Your attitude will have to change if you want to succeed ( leaf )
51.re"> He gets very annoyed when you criticized him ! ( bull )
52.re"> Ill health resulted in his inability to do the job ( cope )
53.re"> The minister ‘s popularity suffered as a result of the scandal ( effect )
54.re"> His behavior was rather a shock to me ( aback )
55.re"> After a hard day of work , he went straight to bed without eating the dinner ( hay )
56.re"> He got into a panic when he realized that he had lost his passport ( hot )
57.re"> Even though the election is tomorrrow , many voters still haven’t decided on the candidate they are going to vote for ( fence )
58.re"> Whatever difficulties mary had , she still attended university ( shine )
59.re"> Your load music really drives me up the wall , please turn down a bit ( ceiling )
60.re"> The theif had to confess when he was caught in the act ( alternative )
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bai tap nang cao
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