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KHOA NGOẠI NGỮ CLASS :______________________
Unit 9: Tolerant / Intolerant
Dễ dung thứ / Không dung thứ được
Part I
1. tolerant (towards s.o./ of sth) able to accept or allow the opinions. beliefs, behaviour etc. of
other people, even though you do not agree (without getting angry): có lòng khoan dung; dễ tha thứ.
He's tolerant towards people with different political opinions.
She's tolerant of his bad habits.
2. to tolerate (sth) to be tolerant of something; to allow something to happen, even though
you do not agree or you find it unpleasant: chịu đựng(ai / cái gì) không phản đối; tha thứ; khoan dung.
She tolerates his smoking because she likes him so much.
I will not tolerate your rudeness any longer!
3. tolerance: the ability to tolerate; the quality of being tolerant: sự dung thứ
The film is really an appeal for tolerance towards all people, whatever their race or religion.
4. patient (with s.o.) able to tolerate unpleasant or difficult situations, or to wait for something, without becoming annoyed: tỏ ra kiên nhẫn, nhẫn nại.
I know he's not the most intelligent pupil in the class, but he does try, so please be
patient with him.
Be patient – the train will be here soon.
5. patience: the quality of being patient: tính kiên nhẫn ; nhẫn nại.
Will you two stop shouting! I'm beginning to lose my patience.
6. easygoing: not easily worried or annoyed, and therefore tolerant:
dịu dàng và khoan dung;dễ chịu.
He's easygoing - he won't mind if all the plans suddenly change.
7. broad-minded: very tolerant of other people's opinions or behavior, even if they are very different from your own; not easily shocked: có tư tưởng rộng rãi; khoáng đạt.
I can talk to my parents about absolutely everything. They're very broad-minded.
8. open-minded: willing to listen to and consider new ideas, opinions etc.; not judging
something before you experience it: có cái nhìn cởi mở; không thành kiến.
Although I'd read a lot of bad things about America, I was quite open-minded
when I went there.
9. to put up with (s.o./sth) to tolerate or accept (someone or something annoying or npleasant) without complaining: khoan dung; chịu đựng dược ai / cái gì.
I honestly don't know how she puts up with him - he's so selfish! He puts up with his job
because he needs the money.
10. to stand for (sth) (usually used in negative statements or questions) to acceptor tolerate
(something unpleasant):chịu đựng hay khoan dung.
I'm not going to stand for any more of his insults.
Why do you stand for such behavior?

Part 2
1- intolerant (of s.o./ sth) not tolerant: không dung thứ được.
She's intolerant of people who don't agree with her.
He's intolerant of other people's weaknesses.
2- intolerance the inability or refusal to tolerate : không khoan dung
It is intolerance that causes many arguments.
3- impatient (with s.o.) not patient
A lot of people say that the British are very impatient with foreigners who don't speak English.
Wait your turn and don't be so impatient!
4- narrow-minded : having fixed and limited opinions; unwilling to consider new or different ideas, opinions etc: đầu óc hẹp hòi.
You're so narrow-minded. Can't you accept that someone else might have a point for- once?
5- small-minded : having an intolerant and ungenerous mind bần tiện và ích kỷ; tiểu nhân.
How small-minded can you get! Even though they know who I am, the bank insisted that I showed them some identity.
6- petty: small-minded, especially in connection with trivial matters: nhỏ nhặt; bần tiện (đặc biệt trong những công việc tầm thường)
My boss is so petty, reporting people if they're more than one minute late.
7- bigoted : having very strong and often unreasonable opinions, especially about politics or religion, and believing that everyone else is wrong: cố chấp và hẹp hòi( đặc biệt về chính trị hay tôn giáo)
He's so bigoted that it's impossible to discuss politics with him.
1- Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) which best completes
each sentence.
1- We’ve got a very ............... teacher. who doesn't mind if we're a bit late.
A broad-minded B open-minded C easygoing D tolerated
2- He’s very........... , for example he thinks that all unemployed people are lazy and should be
made to join the army.
A. intolerant B small-minded C petty D bigoted
3- Don’t you think you're being rather .........., arguing about such a small sum of money?
A petty B narrow-minded C intolerant D impatient
4 - The management is very ............... and can't see the long-term benefits of installing a computer.
A petty B narrow-minded C intolerant D small-minded
5- Generally speaking I don't read film reviews because I like to be ............... when I go to the
A. easygoing B broad-minded C open-minded D tolerant
6- The waiter didn't charge you for the extra sugar, did he? How ............... can you get?
A. intolerant B small-minded C bigoted D broad-minded

2- The word in capitals at the end of each of the following sentences can
be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space. Fill each blank
in this way.
EXAMPI.E: We had an interesting discussion about football. DISCUSS
1- I'd been standing in the queue for half an hour and was beginning to get
rather............................ PATIENT
2- Religious............................ forced them to leave the country. TOLERATE
3- They're very........................ people, so the bad language in that film
is unlikely to offend them. MIND
4- Hurry up! I'm starting to lose .............................with you. PATIENT
5- They hardly ever argue - I think they're both very ....................... of each other's faults.
3- Fill each of the blanks with one suitable word.
1- We’re stuck in the traffic, and there's nothing we can do about it,
so we'll just have to be ................
2- I don't know how she puts .............................. his terrible moods; most women wouldn't.
3- That’s the third time you've been late this week and I won't ............... for it any longer!
4- I don't think she'd be a very good manager as she's so.............. of other people's faults.
5- I refuse to ............... such insulting behavior!
6- Unfortunately, the country is not particularly well-known for its racial.
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