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 collocation 2

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: collocation 2   Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:35 pm

(tức giận / xấu tính)

1- angry ['æηgri]{with s.o. (for doing sth); about / at sth) feeling or showing strong dissatisfaction: tức giận; cáu.
There were some angry scenes outside the factory yesterday when the management
announced the loss of four hundred jobs.
Many people are angry about the Government's decision to increase taxes.
She's angry with him for forgetting her birthday.
2- annoyed [ə'nɔid] (with s.o.; about/at sth) slightly angry, often because of smaller,
more ordinary things: hơi cáu; bực mình.
I'm really annoyed about missing that train.
My mother used to get annoyed with us if we got our clothes dirty.
3- to annoy [ə'nɔi] (s.o.) to cause someone to be annoyed: làm bực mình; gây ra sự tức giận nhẹ cho ai.
It annoys me that she never listens to anyone else's opinion.
4- annoying [ə'nɔiiη] causing you to be annoyed: gây bực mình.
She's got a really annoying habit of staring at people.
5- furious ['fjuəriəs] (with s.o.; about/at sth) very angry: rất tức giận; tức tối.
I'm furious with him for letting me down like that!
He was furious at being made to wait.
6- to infuriate [in'fjuərieit] (s.o.) to cause someone to feel furious: làm cho ai rất tức giận.
The decision to close the village school has infuriated most parents.
7- infuriating [in'fjuərieitiη] extremely annoying: gây tức giận vô cùng; gây tức tối.
It’s infuriating not to be able to get a ticket
8- irritated ['iriteitid] annoyed, often because you want something to stop: bực mình; bị chọc tức ( vì mất kiên nhẫn).
She seemed rather irritated by his whistling.
9- to irritate ['iriteit] (s.o.) to cause someone to feel irritated: làm phát cáu; chọc tức.
His voice irritates me because it's so loud.
10 - irritating ['iriteitiη] causing you to feel irritated: gây bực tức; gây khó chịu.
It's irritating when people ask stupid questions.
11- irritable ['iritəbl] tending to get irritated easily and often for no good reason:
dễ cáu ; cáu kỉnh.
She's usually quite irritable-in the mornings, especially if she’s had a late night.
12- touchy ['tʌt∫i] (about sth) easily annoyed or upset: hay tự ái; dễ động lòng.
You're very touchy tonight - I can't seem to say anything right.
He's still quite touchy about the break-up of his marriage, so try not to mention it.
13- bad-tempered ['bæd'tempəd] angry and irritable; tending to get angry easily: xấu tính, hay cáu, dễ nổi nóng.
He gets bad-tempered when he's tired and shouts a lot.
14- to have a bad temper: to get angry frequently and easily: có tính nóng nảy; có tính xấu.
She never argues with him because he's got such a bad
15- to lose your temper: to become suddenly and uncontrollably angry: không kiềm chế được cơn giận.
After being made to wait for over an hour, she finally lost her temper and started screaming at the receptionist.
16- to go mad/crazy(colloquial) suddenly to become very angry: nổi điên; nổi cơn thịnh nộ.
He went mad when I told him that I'd changed my mind.
She'll go crazy if I'm late for dinner
17- to have a fit (colloquial) suddenly to become very angry: nổi cơn thịnh nộ.
He had a fit when he realized that he would have to do the whole job again.
18- to take it out on (s.o.):to make someone suffer because you feel angry, even though it is not their fault: cư xử một cách khó chịu đối với ai vì tức giận; trút cơn giận lên đầu ai.
Stop shouting at me! Just because you've had a bad day, it doesn't mean
you have to take it out on me.
19- an outburst ['autbə:st] a sudden explosion of anger: cơn giận dữ; sự bộc phát.
His outburst surprised me - I had no idea he was so angry about the situation
20- a tantrum ['tæntrəm] a sudden explosion of anger (especially by a child or by someone behaving childishly): cơn hờn; cơn cáu kỉnh (nhất là của một đứa bé).
He had a tantrum because he couldn’t have what he wanted.
21- frustrated [frʌs'treitid] dissatisfied or annoyed because you cannot do what you want
to do or have what you want to have: nản lòng; không có khả năng thành công
trong nghề mình đã chọn.
He's frustrated about not being able to get a job.
22-to frustrate [frʌs'treit](s.o.)to cause someone to feel frustrated: làm (ai) bối rối; nản lòng.
It frustrates me that she can't see my point.
23- frustrating [frʌs'treitiη] causing you to feel frustrated: bực mình; làm nản lòng.
We've been trying to sell our house for the last year and a half, but without any success.
It's so frustrating.
24-frustration[frʌs'trei∫n] the feeling of being frustrated: tình trạng bực mình;
cái bực mình.
I can understand your frustration, but it will take some time for you to be able
to speak the language well.
25- to be in a (bad) mood {with s.o.) to be feeling angry and bad-tempered: có tâm trạng khó chịu; cảm thấy cáu kỉnh.
I don’t know what I've done wrong but she's obviously in a bad mood with me.
Why are you in such a bad mood?
26- to have had enough {of s.o./sth; of doing sth) to be unable to tolerate someone or something any more; to be fed up with someone or something: chán ngấy (ai/ điều gì).
She'd had just about enough of him, so she told him to leave.
We've had enough of your insults
I've had enough of listening to other people's problems - it's beginning to annoy me.
27- to be sick of / tired of / sick and tired of (s.o./sth/doing sth) to be completely fed up with someone or something : chán ngấy (ai, cái gì, làm cái gì).
I 'm sick of other people taking advantage of me.
Do you ever get tired of all the things that are written about you by the press?
I’m sick and tired of hearing your complaints.
28 - to get on someone's nerves: to irritate and annoy someone: chọc tức ai;
làm ai bực mình.
The noise outside is getting on my nerves.
29- to get up someone's nose (colloquial) to irritate someone : làm ai bực tức.
Politicians get up my nose - they'll say one thing one minute
and something else the next very much.
30- to make you sick: to make you very angry : làm ai bị xúc phạm; làm ai kinh tởm.
It makes me sick that some people get rich by cheating others.
31- a nuisance ['nju:sns] an annoying person or thing; someone or something that causes you problems: mối phiền lòng.
James is being a real nuisance at the moment - he keeps phoning me up in the middle
of the night, saying he's got to talk to me.
It's a nuisance having to wait, but we haven't got much choice.
32- a pain in the neck (colloquial) an irritating person or thing; a big nuisance: người hoặc vật
làm phiền người khác; cái của nợ.
It’s a pain in the neck having to do thi, I'd much rather be watching television.
33- the final / last straw: the final event in a series of annoying events which causes you
to get angry: sự kiện( hành động) bực mình cuối cùng trong loạt sự kiện( hành động) gây bực mình người khác.
After a six-hour delay at the airport, it was the final straw when they boarded the plane only
to find there was no food for their journey.
I- Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) which best completes each sentence.
1- Everyone was surprised by his......... because nobody had ever seen him get angry before.
A. explosion B outburst C outpouring D frustration
2 He's very childish. Every time something happens that he doesn't like he has a..............
A bad temper B frustration C tantrum D bad mood
3 I've never seen anyone so...............! I thought he was going to hit me.
A touchy B sick C irritable D angry
4 The transport strike is a real.... because it will make it very difficult for me to get to work.
A pain in the back B nuisance C last straw D frustration
5 It's not my fault the car has broken down. So don't take it ............. me.
A from B to C out of D out on
6 I'm ............... in my present job; I need something more challenging.
A irritated B annoyed C frustrated D crazy
7- That's the last..............! I'm leaving.
A pain B straw C limit D nuisance
8- She's a(n).............. old woman, who's always complaining about something.
A annoyed B furious C bad-tempered D infuriated
9- He's very........ about his work, so try not to say anything that he might take as a criticism.
A. annoyed B touchy C irritated D annoying
10 My boss will be absolutely ............... with me for being late again.
A. angry B annoyed C furious D irritated
11- My father has a very bad................
A. temper B mood C humor D tantrum

II-- The word in capitals at the end each of the following sentences can be used to form
a word that fits suitably in the blank space. Fill each blank in this way.
We had an interesting discussion about football. DISCUSS
1- It's............................ not being able to speak a foreign language. FRUSTRATE
2- Most people tend to be rather ............................ when they're tired. IRRITATE
3- It's.......................... having to wait so long for an answer. ANNOY
4- There's nothing worse than the...................... of being stuck in a traffic jam
when you're in a hurry to get somewhere. FRUSTRATE
5- He's got some very ............................ habits. I RRITATE
6- It's.......................... when people won't believe things that are obviously true. FURIOUS
3- For each of the sentences below, write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning
to the original sentence, but using the word given. This word must be altered in any way.
EXAMPLE: It's no use arguing: I've made up my mind. point
ANSWER: There's no point in arguing; I’ve made up my mind.
1- She'll be furious when she finds out what's happened.
2- He got angry because we all disagreed with him.
3- She is angry and bad-tempered today.
4- I don't want to be treated as an inferior any more!
5- He got extremely angry when he saw the damage that had been done to his car.
6- His arrogance irritates me.
7- I don't want people to order me about any more.
8- Waiting for buses irritates me.
9- Having to get up so early is irritating.
10- It annoys me to see so much food being wasted.

Đáp án bài 9 : Tolerant
9.1 1C 2D 3A 4B 5C 6B
9.2 1 impatient 2 intolerance 3 broad-minded 4 patience 5 tolerant
9.3 1 patient 2 up with 3 stand 4 intolerant 5 tolerate 6 tolerance
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